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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Frieza Saga


Reviewed Feb 12, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Quickness Drill--

I have to make this one short because all it does is provide you with great card advantage. One of the best cards in the Saiyan Saga. Use it! Not much else I can say about it.

Standard - 4.5/5
Tuff Enuff - 3/5

Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Is this card a staple or is it just really good? I've been asked that question many times and I believe the card's just a really good card in some decks. Yes, it can give Namekian decks and edge like no other, yes it also works wonder for just about any beatdown deck but that's still not enough to make it a staple in my book. It is a card I keep in mind when I'm building a new deck but that's about it. I like this card because you'll usually get at least one card out of it and that alone makes it worth packing it in just about any deck. Just make sure you're not running a lot of Non-Combat cards, because that could make thus card almost useless.

Rating 3

Da Krillin Vegeta's Quickness Drill

This card has really become a staple in both environments. Drawing an extra card is alwayz useful ;) especially if it doesn't shrink your deck. Thank goodness this is limit one per deck now.. I remember back in the day havin' 4 of these babies out :-D

Standard: 3.25
Tuff Enuff:4.5
Vegeta's Quickness Drill - SS - Restricted Card

When entering any combat draw the bottom card of your discard pile into your hand. Now this is one of those great drills thats almost a staple for any deck. Card advantage is always good and with this drill out you can constantly recycle cards that you've used over and over. You would probably have a hand of 7-9 with 3-4 of these in play. Still one of the best drills around. I use them in most of my decks as well. Even if it stays out for 1 or 2 combats it still helps greatly. If you dont have non-combats at the bottom of your discard pile -.-

Rating 4.0
Rich Wednesday-Vegeta's Quickness Drill

If a deck could only have one drill, this would be it in most cases. When entering combat you get the bottom card of your discard pile. Using this will bring you up to drawing par with Saiyan and Namekian decks. Think of it as recycling.

Standard: 4/5
Tuff Enuff: 4/5

Bobby Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Wow, Draw The bottom card in your discard pile! This drill is seen in play
a lot. I put this card in most decks that don't involve anger for obv. reasons.

Standard: 3/5
T/E: 3/5
Chibi Vegeta's Quickness Drill

This is probably the most widely used Drills in the game. Who doesn't like card advantage with no drawbacks. People play Namekian so they can draw the bottom cards of their discard pile. This Drill can be
used in any deck, adding to the versatility. And as Jesse said yesterday: Orange Searching Maneuver for Orange Focusing Drill and Vegeta's Quickness Drill, then get the Orange Searching Maneuver. Anger and some other speed decks are the only ones that might
not play this card, but it's should be considered in every deck being built.

In Standard, maybe not Anger, cause you'd probably lose it too quick. Speed DB probably would play it either. Nearly every other deck should play this card.

In Tuff Enuff, there's really no reason not to play this card, unless you're going heavy City in Turmoil/Dying Planet.

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