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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Orange Focusing Drill

Saiyan Saga


Reviewed Feb. 11, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Orange Focusing Drill is a must in all Orange decks. If you're running CIT in an Orange deck then you better explain yourself. So Orange Focusing Drill is a nice little drill that annoys all players to hell's end and back. You must remove this drill before any other. You know how annoying that is? Especially when they use Orange Searching Maneuver to grab Focusing and Quickness Drill. Now that's annoying.

Standard - 4/5 -- Very good here. Focusing Drill + COGD kills DB and anger. Tuff Enuff - 2/5 -- More aura clashing, and CIT. Not as good here.

-Jesse Zeller

Orange Focusing Drill

This drill has been one of Orange's biggest key cards in the game since back in the Saiyan Saga. This card has usually been used in Dragonball decks and slow set up decks but now it can also be found in the Physical beatdown decks the World Games Saga has introduced. Has long as there are playable drills out there Orange decks will always have room for this card.

You could say this is an Orange Staple but that depends on your player presence and weather or not you think drills will slow you down.

Rating 4

Da Krillin Monday - Orange Focusing Drill

This card is alright >_<.. especially in an orange deck. But, it can still
be targeted by Drill destroyers >_<... so it isn't as good as it would seem

Standard and TE: 2.55

-J. Lackner (A.K.A. DaKrillin)
Rich Monday-Orange Focusing Drill

Orange decks use this card to protect their drills. Basically this card acts as a shield for all your other drills. Your opponent can't get rid of your drills as long as you have it in play. Not bad at all.

Standard: 2.8/5
Tuff Enuff: 4/5

Chibi Orange Focusing Drill

This card is what Orange Drill decks are all about.

This is a single card protection, that can make or

break a game. In my opinion, this card is a little overpowered, but I guess Orange needs it. With cards like Orange Searching Maneuver, Brothers in Training, and Long Journey; you can have this card out protecting your Drills right away. In many games the common phrase is: "Focusing, Absorbing, gg." Cards such as Namek 4 and Drills Are For The Weak lose tons of power when this Drill is in play.

In Standard, an Orange Drill deck won worlds...and it ran two of this Drill. What more proof do you need.


In Tuff Enuff, Orange Drill decks lose a lot of power. So you better be running Winter Countryside along with this, or you'll be missing your Drills very quickly.


Bobby Orange Focusing Drill

Stops an opponent from discarding/removing any of your drills. This
card is good for those Orange Drill Beat Down decks. Stops people from using Drills are for the weak or any other Drill remover/discarder from doing anything until This card is gone.

Standard: 2/4
T/E: 2

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