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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Gohan, the Bookworm, Level 1

Kid Buu Saga

Reviewed 12.05.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.75
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.85


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
12/5/03 Ė Friday
Gohan, the Bookworm Level 1 Ė Kid Buu Saga Rare - #101 Personality

Power: When entering Combat, search the top 12 cards of your Life Deck for a Gohan Named card and place it into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards back into your Life Deck. Remove 3 cards in your opponent's discard pile from the game.

What the broke. Gohan now has two good level 1s. Thatís not fair.

Searching the top 12 isnít anywhere as good as searching the whole deck, but you can easily remedy that situation by playing with the Freestyle MBS Mastery. If not, there are many other decks that Gohan named cards work really well in, like Orange, Black, and Red Physical beats.

Gohan has some really nice named cards like Power Hit, Elbow Block, Kick, Heroic Uppercut, many Sword cards, and so forth. Many of those are played in physical beatdown decks, even non-Gohan ones. I wouldnít be surprised seeing this Gohan in many different decks.

While his named cards focus on physical beatdown, donít forget the other part of his power. The removal of 3 choice cards in your opponentís discard can easily turn the tide in your favor. The new discard pile removal theme can help a lot if thereís that WTLTH you donít want to resurface. Donít overlook that part.

Searching the top 12 is still good regardless. It can be just as good or even better than Android 18, depending on how you use it. This is used both defending and attacking, donít forget that. Getting that extra physical can easily turn the tide of a game. Try him out, especially with Gohan the Swift. No matter what, youíll be at a good personality level.

Standard: 4.3 out of 5.0 (easy control, removal, beats, all in a package) Tuff Enuff: 4.5 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 3.5 out of 5.0 (if you pull Gohan awesome, otherwise heís an ally that sits there) ~matthewlow 
 Gohan, the Bookworm Level 1
Now this is a nice level 1 power. Its not as broken as A18 level 1 but its a nice level 1 power to have. Anyway you look at the top 12 cards of your life deck and put a gohan named card into your hand. Then shuffle your and remove 3 cards from your opponents discard pile from the game. Its a nice card power. You get to search for a gohan named card them remove some cards. Its not that great to play it in saiyan just to get gohan's kick either. You'll probably only have gohan's kick in your saiyan deck so his card power is pretty useless there. Gohan freestyle sword decks will like this MP level though.

Rating 3.0
KingBroly  Gohan, the Bookworm (Lv.1)
Power - When entering combat, search the top 12 cards of your Life deck for a Gohan named card and place it into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards into your life deck.

Standard:  3.5/5
       What? 12 cards. Well, I have to get out my broken stick. Oh wait. Gohan named card only. Still, 12 cards? That's a bit much considering how many Gohan named cards there are in the game. Like 80 or so I think, but that's a total random guess. Sword Decks get a plus, Gohan Ally decks get a plus, actually every Gohan deck benefits here. When you thought the Buu Saga Lv.1 Gohan was good, well this one is a lot better. 
       Well, it's a Card Searcher. Since DBZ has almost no cheap Card Searchers, this card is a major plus for any Gohan deck. In Standard, getting Gohan's Nimbus Cloud, Gohan's Kick, or Gohan's Elbow Block is probably the Top 3 cards on any Gohan deck's mind during construction and play.
       Gohan, like before has a major assortment of cards with his name attached to it. So, try to be unique with it so you can surprise your opponent.  Decreasing the randomness by getting a MAJOR metagaming card such as Gohan's Nimbus Cloud at a given moment is key!
Tuff Enuff:  3/5
       Basically, much of what I said before, however since Tuff Enuff always relies on MASSIVE Power levels, it's less likely you'll use this power more than 3 times in a game here.

Monday - Gohan, the Bookworm

Power: When entering Combat, search the top 12 cards of your Life Deck for a Gohan Named card and place it into your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards back into your Life Deck. Remove 3 cards in your opponent's discard pile from the game

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..*hides from Gohan Sword decks*..this is evil and
wrong....people thought Roshi was bad..pfft..I guess at least gohan doesn't get to reorganize them.. but he DOES get to grab a good Gohan card (Gohan's Elbow Blow, Gohan's Swordplay Drill, etc.,)..and on top of that he gets to remove ANY 3 cards in your opponent's discard from the game..evil..evil..evil..-_-

Standard: 4.0
Tuff Enuff: 4.2

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