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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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King Kai, Earth's Mentor
Level 1

Kid Buu Saga

Reviewed 12.01.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.51
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.42


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
12/1/03 – Monday
King Kai, Earth’s Mentor Level 1 – Kid Buu Saga Rare - #104 Personality

Power: Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. Costs 1 power stage to perform. If successful and your opponent has more than 2 cards in his hand, he discards down to 2 cards in his hand.

King Kai owns. I said so. Yet again.

This new King Kai is so much better than all the others in the past. The weak 4 stage physical that raised your anger one if you played black, or the energy costing one and forcing a discard if you declared black and it hit are nothing compared to this ultimate one. An energy doing five and costing one is already decent, and the ability to make your opponent’s hand two cards can easily turn the tide in your favor in the sense of card advantage.

In all CCGs, card advantage is key. King Kai totally shuts that down. Let’s see… Saiyan, the king of card advantage: holding one card, draw 3, Goku the Hero draws one, Saiyan CS, discard a Saiyan and draw 2… what’s that, a SEVEN card hand? King Kai doesn’t care, throws his energy, and viola, if it hits, Goku’s down to just two cards. I mean sure it has to hit, but that forces card advantage decks to play enough energy blocks so that they have one each turn.

The energy costing one makes it easier to throw out, and regardless the attack isn’t bad. The effect making your opponent go to two cards can easily be even better with the help of Black Style Mastery CS. There are many cards that discard, especially in the Black Style, that easily compliment him. The fact that this King Kai doesn’t need to be in Black to use all of his card power makes him even better.

Z power stages are still decent with the ability to play all the Underdog cards as well as Piccolo’s Power Ball. He can still dish out some decent physicals with two base, and won’t take too much damage regardless of who he is facing.

Now what makes him just awesome is he can be used as an ally. As a level 1, there’s no hero ally, or actually ally for that matter, that does even close to what he does. Your opponent will be gearing for the ally energy onslaught, and with King Kai around, you can easily throw off a lot of your opponent’s plans if he’s on the table. He’ll most likely need to stop him, and if not, your other energies in your hand with awesome if successful effects have a better chance at hitting. Not to mention if he does go through, that can only be a good thing.

Standard: 3.7 out of 5.0 (Blue CS/DB deck don’t mind to much, screws up card advantage decks) Tuff Enuff: 3.9 out of 5.0 (easily controls Saiyan and Namekian, or forces them to take a different gameplan)
Sealed: 4.9 out of 5.0 (ownage ally with broke ally power… what more can you ask for?) ~matthewlow
Mewfive  King Kai, Earth's Mentor Level 1
All who read my review get a free turkey. Go forth and smite thine newfound turkey in thy oven. Like, all Happy Thanksgiving and stuff.
To business. This Lv.1 is screaming Black CS deck. An energy for 5 life is about average, give or take 1 or 2 life. If it hits, your opponent discards down to 2 cards in hand! Yay! I like this! With the power of the Black CS Mastery, you can take out another one, and both if you decide to Black Thought Focus. Such a manuver leaves them with no hand, and you can proceed to beat them senseless or just control Combat. Black has many cards that can make an opponent discard a card from their hand, so even without Black Thought Focus, you can easily deprive an opponent of their hand if they have no energy blocks. And of course Black Manip decks should be running Confrontations/Stare Downs for even more fun.
If you wanted to use this Lv.1 in any other deck, it could work to a degree.

The only bad thing is your opponent picks the cards they keep. I'd recommend him as an Ally because it'd be one more energy attack, and your opponent would likely block this energy over most others. If this one hits, they ditch all but two cards, which means only two energy blocks at most, unless they used TIAWT, NEA, FFB, Absorbing Drill, or something.

This card is screaming at me to put it in my Ally deck. Just need it first.

Standard - 3.6/5. If you use King Kai in Standard, this is likely the level you'd want to go with.
TE - 3.8/5. Redundancy is your friend. >_>
 King Kai, Earth's Mentor Level 1 #104 from Kid Buu Saga

Power: Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. Costs 1 power stage to perform. If successful and your opponent has more than 2 cards in his hand, he discards down to 2 cards in his hand.

This card gives King Kai so much more possibilities, he now doesn't have to be black, if he doesn't want to, and now he can actaully be a good ally!
King Kai is probably the best personality to play with "Z" power ratings if you plan to stop attacks (I mean if you want to go the opposite route of Supreme West Kai). With really good new cards in Kid Buu Saga, like Hercule's Dream Sequence, King Kai will see a lot more play. One bad thing about the new level 1 is that if you want to use it any deck besides a black deck, you will probably stay on the level 1 the whole game (I mean you should), which isn't that bad considering you can do some major damage with this. A lot of decks will now be forced to have some energy defense or pay the price. Let's say you are playing a saiyan deck, well he has 8 cards in his hand, all physical attacks, now that won't cut it against King Kai, all you gotta do is use your power and he discards down to 2. A pretty good deck for this new level 1, at least I think, would be an orange drill deck, using energy attacks. Now you can still use all those good cards that say stuff like "if your power rating is 3 times lower than your opponents ..." (crap like that, there is a lot now!). Anyway, awesome as a personality and as an ally.


Standard - 3.75

Tuff Enuff - 3.5

Sealed Deck - 4.5 (level 1 ally, not a lot of energy defense in sealed deck, abuse that!)
KingBroly   King Kai, Earth's Mentor (Lv.1)
       Power - Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. Costs 1 power stage to perform. If successful and your opponent has more than 2 cards in his hand, he discards down to 2 cards in his hand.

Standard:  3/5
       This card is the first King Kai Personality card where you don't have to spend $25 to get one. So, there's some points in that if you spend less than $25 to get this card. Note, it's not that rare, but anyway onto the Review. Is this the Cheap man's King Kai Uber Rare? Most likely. It's better because it does an extra card of damage. WOW! (Notice the sarcasim). Again, a 1-power stage cost. The thing that drags the card down is the secondary effect of the whole discard effect. So, basically it makes it a first attack, which can be a good or bad thing if he's your Main Personality. As an ally, he's not that playable unless your opponent did nothing that combat.

Tuff Enuff:  2.5/5
       A defensive deck maybe? I'm not sure. Most likely you need to play this card as a Main Personality over an ally to be successful, but you never know if you can pay for it. But,making it 1 stage helps a lot in Energy Beatdown decks.

Wednesday - King Kai, Earth's Mentor

"Power: Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. Costs 1 power stage to perform. If successful and your opponent has more than 2 cards in his hand, he discards down to 2 cards in his hand"

NO! An even more evil level 1 King Kai -_-'. Energy for 5 thats costs a stage is ALREADY pretty good :p, not great, but pretty good. But, if it's used early in a combat, when your opponent has..4+ cards in hand....and they have no blocks for energies..ouch. Anyway, he's a good personality, and a good ally, but he's better in the ally spot..yep.

Standard: 1.4
Tuff Enuff: 2.3

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