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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Supreme West Kai Level 3

Fusion Saga Promo

Reviewed Aug 29, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.83
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.63


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
08/29/03 Ė Friday
Supreme West Kai Level 3 Ė Cosmic Anthologies Ė Fusion Saga Insert Ė Promo - #CA3 Personality

Power: Constant Combat Power: When entering Combat, shuffle up to 5 cards in your discard pile into your Life Deck and draw the top or bottom card of your discard pile.

Supreme West Kai is so cool. Iím so playing as her.

It is much easier to rate the set as a whole, so thatís what Iím going to do. Supreme West Kai has the annoying rule of attacks hitting only if the correct even/odd of the top life card is guessed right. It is quite interesting, seeing that you really donít know whatís on top. She can block attacks she doesnít want to, but she can take attacks she doesnít want to as well. You can create ratio charts to see what SWK will get the most to finish her off.

The thing is her powers are quite nice. The regeneration of 5 cards on level 1 is really nice. Very few cards will leak through if the guessing stays at a minimum. The level 2 isnít bad, being able to select the top or bottom discard to draw. Card advantage is pretty nice. But the level 3, combining both, is just plain wrong. Once you get there, you can control the game, being able to look through the top 6 and bottom 6 cards of your discard for a card you want to draw, not to mention regenerating 5 cards as well. Those 12 cards to search through is almost like a deck searcher.

Supreme West Kai can always prevent damage via Blue Style MBS Mastery, which makes her a great candidate for Dragon Ball. The regeneration only helps, while seeing all her levels are quite solid, you canít really mess her up too much.

She can easily outlive an opponent by just regenerating cards and hoping that guessing goes haywire. Even though she canít end combat or run blocks, she can always use cards like Dazed and has plenty of room for other attacks and stuff like that, in which card advantage is built in to her special rules.

Sheís weak and strong to Backlash, seeing a well placed Knowledge Transfer with Backlash or just plain Backlash and guessing right wins. Sheís a big risk to try out in Tuff Enuff.

The key with her is she is able to even hold her own even with a bad hand with just that special blocking ability. Thatís what makes her really interesting to play, while she can be a pain since thereís a good amount of the luck factor in guessing what to choose while trying to hit an attack.

Iím going to play her; sheís very promising. Without a level 4, sheís weak to those 1-3 anger decks, but I will still use her. That level 3 is just nasty, and her other two levels are still strong regardless.

Standard: 4.8 out of 5.0 (she can crash or triumph, but if played right, triumph it will be) Tuff Enuff: 3.0 out of 5.0 (get Backlash out of the way and youíll be set)
Sealed: N/A Ė not going to happen
Mewfive Supreme West Kai Lv.3
WEC, shuffle up to 5 cards in your discard into your deck. I like that, that
is a DDB 5, minus powerup, every turn. Also, you draw either the top or
bottom card of your discard pile. Sweetness, hand advantage, no matter how small it may seem, is always fun. It also combines her Lvs. 1 and 2 into one Lv.3.

Anyway, the SWK rules would be my main gripe. You cannot run defense. There are ways around this, such as playing her in Black. Black has Black Defenseive Burst and Black Energy Web to stop an opponent from performing attacks. In Red, you can run Red Shielded Strike. And, in any other decktype, you can run Krillin's Solar Flare. These are not direct defense cards, so they are fair play. Also, having your opponent guess the number of the top card of your lfie deck, then discarding it, does not appeal too much to me. If it's a physical that is stopped, you still lose a card. If it's an energy that was stopped, I may be happy. And, if the attack hits, it's basically an extra life card of damage.

If you can live with SWK's rules, then build a deck with her. I would make
it an anger deck, myself, to get the full benefit of her Lv.3. No other
level is as usable.

The gripes I bring to this review are my own, from a card economy
standpoint. In no way do I think she's bad, I just personally dislike her. Standard - 2/5. A sweet level if you make it this far and have a good deck
TE - 3.4/5. Yay, it's easier to level in this format, and you'll actually
stand a chance using her.
Supreme West Kai Lv.3, #CA3 from the Cosmic Anthology Subset in the Fusion

Power: Constant Combat Power: When entering Combat, shuffle up to 5 cards in
your discard pile into your Life Deck and draw the top or bottom card of
your discard pile.

This is one of the best level 3's in the game! Not only do you get to
shuffle any 5 cards in your discard pile into your life deck, but you also
get to draw the top or bottom card into your hand. By shuffling 5 cards in
first, you can almost choose which card you put into your hand as well! The
only downside is that the personality is Supreme West Kai, which means it is
possible that every attack your opponent performs could be succesful.

Standard - 4.5

Tuff Enuff - 4.5

Sealed Deck - 2.5 (if you happen to get all 3 levels of Supreme west kai,
can get to level 3, and don't win by MPPV, by all means use the power, it is
one of the best)
Supreme West Kai Lv. 3 - Fusion Saga

Ahh... Supreme West Kai, you just gotta love her. Her wanna be baby pokemon rule, her power to shuffle and draw cards with her different powers. Anyway how many people wanna bet IQ made her rules and card powers? -_-;; Shes the new cheese of decks in open format. Since backlash is now tuff enuff only she doesnt need to fear that one card winner. Her level 3 power is just a combination of her level 1 and 2. When entering combat shuffle up to 5 cards back into your deck and draw the top or bottom card of your discard pile. I personally play her in a red deck. When you can keep on drawing Red Pressure Technique from your discard pile every combat, and when your deck is mostly made up with attacks it gets fun and annoying for your opponent. A deck can get very thin after 2 combats of red pressure techniques.

Rating 4.0


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