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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Krillin's Quick Kicks

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed August 22, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.6
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.2


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
8/22/03 – Friday
Krillin’s Quick Kicks – Broly Subset – Buu Saga
Promo/Insert - #25
Physical Combat

Krillin only. Physical attack doing +1 power stage of damage. Raise your anger 1 level. Lower your opponent’s anger 1 level. This card stays on the table to be used 2 more times this Combat. Remove from the game after use.

If only Krillin had a level 5… this card would be broken. Well, it would be really good. Let’s just leave it at that.

This card’s net anger gain is +3, and against an anger deck is can set the race to be 6 anger apart. The thing is Krillin generally doesn’t play anger with the lack of a level 5. But then again who cares about Krillin winning by anger when all the bald guy has to do is jump to level 3 and win with that insane power he owns.

If only this card wasn’t Krillin only… it would be in every single anger deck. Three anger from one card and not having it be like Aura Clash is pretty rare. That’s the biggest key with this card; it can get around Winter Countryside and pretty much allow you to jump a level with just two cards. There aren’t many cards you can say that can do that.

The weakness of the card is it is a physical attack, and Krillin runs on energy attacks. The bonus is the card Anger Management; although toned down, with this card and a helpful Are You Tuff Enuff??? and the like, 15 life and 3 stages isn’t bad in my book. Then again I would probably not worry about that and just pummel my opponent with my nasty level 3 power (but it is nice backup if Dying Planet and Namekian Door Explosion decide to ruin your day).

I would seriously consider running a few of these in any Krillin deck, since he usually tries to level, seeing all his levels are quite solid, with possible exception of his level 4. More or less I would use this, Krillin’s Surprise, Aura Clash, Transformation, and maybe even Intensity Drill and you are well on your way to getting to your level 3 when you want to.

Standard: 3.4 out of 5.0 (anger and anti-anger in one package is never bad) Tuff Enuff: 3.7 out of 5.0 (sets up a nice Transformation, helps level nicely)
Sealed: N/A – I’ll say it again… pulling Krillin? Yeah right. ~matthewlow

Da Krillin
Friday - Krillin's Quick Kicks
Darn, this is the last krillin named card of the week :(.. hopefully Pojo
will pick me again to do the cards some time in the near future.. (yay
krillin cards..)

Anyway. This is a rather good card (but only in Krillin, the Great Energy
Beatdown decks).. It's a physical for +1 (no big deal..), but if successful
it raises your anger 1, and it stays to be used 2 more times this combat.
It's like a Souped up Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack, for krillin. This is
very good in Krillin, the Great decks for one reason, you need the anger to
get up to the amazing level 3 ^^. 3 anger in a single combat is very
helpful. And if you're running the blue style mastery from the WGS, and are lucky enough to draw 2 Blue Energy ATtacks, thats a nice level ^^, but you have to hope that all those attacks are successful :(. Anyway..again, like every other card from this week, it is only good in Krillin, the Great
decks..just because a crazy person like me picked the cards this week :).
Sadly, this is another Krillin only card.

Standard: 1.4
Tuff Enuff: 2.1

P.S. Would you look at that, I managed to go a whole week rating krillin
cards with out being biased :p.
Mewfive Krillin's Quick Kicks
An interesting card for Krillin decks, even though it's a little tougher
than most Krillin cards to get. Mmmm... A physical for +1 or 2 stages (Can't
remember), raise your anger 1 and lower your opponent's 1 - And you can use
it again. It's a good card for Krillin Freestyle decks, seeing as most of
them like getting to Lv.3. Then you can use this and do like +50 stages or
some crazy amount of damage. Very fun. Or, if you're not at Lv.3, you can
use Endurance 2 on this card, assuming you use the CCPP 2 Lv.1. Also,
whether you're at Lv.3 or not, you can discard this card for the Mastery and
grab out another card that will hurt your opponent, like... I dunno, KHSB. This card could also be good for a Krillin DV deck, but I haven't seen too
many of those. Use these to get to 4 anger right away, then help your
opponent on up to 4 anger using other cards.
Standard - 2/5. Once again, not much Krillin.
TE - 3.6/5. A fun card for most Krillin decks.
Krillin's Quick Kicks, #25 from the Broly Subset:

Power: Krillin only. Physical attack doing +1 power stages of damage. Raise
your anger 1 level. Lower your opponent's anger 1 level. This card stays on
the table to be used 2 more times this Combat. Remove from the game after

Finally a good Krillin card I get to rate!! (No offense to DaKrillin) This
card is great for those krillin freestyle decks that need more anger to get
to the awesome level 3. And this card is just right, getting you 3 anger,
not too mention lowering your opponents anger 3 at the same time!! Also,
because this is a krillin named card is can be searched for with the
freestyle mastery. This card would also be good in a krillin anger deck if
anyone ever got smart enough to make one (I suggest Blue Energy, using the World Games Saga Mastery so you have the energy beatdown as backup if your opponent has 5 levels)! Anyway, a great card for krillin decks, only trouble with this card is that it is a little hard to find and when you do people don't seem to want to trade it!

By the way, I know all of you are happy to hear I pulled a Vegito Level 2
out of my Fusion box the other day!


Standard - 3.5 (goes good in krillin anger decks, or in freestlye; not too
many Krillin decks in regular though)

Tuff Enuff - 3.5 (good with the Krillin Freestyle decks to get up to the 3rd

Sealed Deck - .35 (if you happen to be using Krillin as your MP and get this card by all means use it!)

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