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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Flash Attack

Saiyan Saga

Reviewed 8.20.03

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.19
Avg. TE: Rating: 2.7


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
8/20/03 Ė Wednesday
Krillinís Energy Attack Ė Saiyan Saga
Uncommon - #113
Energy Combat

Power: Energy attack doing 2 draws from the life card deck if not stopped. If used by Krillin, this card stays on the table to be used one more time in this combat.

More or less this is a miniature Tienís Tri-Beam. I can only see two decks this working in, and thatís about it. It deserves a high rating for just those two, but the overall usefulness is not really there otherwise.

More or less, treat this as an Energy doing 2 life cards, if performed by Krillin, stays on the table to be used one more time. Stupid Saiyan Saga wording.

Anyway, since if you arenít Krillin, this becomes a weak energy attack doing 2 life cards, you can pretty much say this is a Krillin only card. The double attack is good for two reasons; draining yourself for ally (Tribeam is still better), and having big modifiers (Tribeam is still probably better). Krillin the Great decks love this card because of the neat level 3. That and Unlocked Potential only makes it even better.

This is a Krillin named card, so it does have a couple advantages. The Krillin Level 1 CCPP2 can use this for a little endurance, and it can be easily pulled with the Freestyle Mastery MBS if you need that additional push to win the game, assuming you know thereís no all block coming your way and youíve run out of Krillinís Heat Seeking BlastsÖ or you just plain need two attacks. Also note that this card is not removed from the game after use, so 2x Krillinís Energy Attack + Battle Pausing + Level 3 power + a ton of named cards in discard + opponent no having a stop all = MAJOR pain.

Krillinís level 3 is just plain evil if used in the late game. Combo this card with Krillinís Level 3 and watch the magic unfold. Tienís Tri-Beam is three attacks, along with the clones Orange 5 Finger Focus and Red Repeating Flares. But since we are going Freestyle Krillin most likely (even if not, still not shabby), why not run both? I donít see any reason why not.

Standard: 3.2 out of 5.0 (used mostly in Freestyle Krillin, mostly a TE deck but has appearances here) Tuff Enuff: 3.6 out of 5.0 (use it in Freestyle Krillin)
Sealed: 1.3 out of 5.0 (uhÖ energy doing 2 life? Iíll pass, thanks.) ~matthewlow
Krillin's Energy Attack - SS

One of the old saiyan saga cards that actually now have a use in the newer sets. Its obviously good with Krillin Lv.3 decks since its 2 energys in 1. Energy Empowerment Drill will make this energy attack do 6 twice instead of just 2. And since it doesnt remove itself it gives another +1 power stage to the krillin lv.3 power which is always nice. A crap card at first but with some of the new stuff it can work with krillin decks now.

Rating 2.5


Da Krillin
Wednesday - Krillin's Energy Attack

This is another good card in Krillin, the Great decks. It's not as good as
Tien's Tri-Beam, but it's krillin named, so you can run 4 in you rKrillin,
the Great deck. If you're at level 3 well into the game and drop this on
the table, thats an energy for 2 life and around 20 stages!, and it can be
used, AGAIN! And whats more if you're running 4 of these, there is a pretty good chance you'll draw at least one of these a game. If you get one into your hand early in the game, don't use it, rejuv it (hey, that rhymed..).. unless you really need to some early damage because your opponent is trying to stabilize they're dragonballs tuff... Anyway, this is only really good if Krillin uses it, and in Krillin, the Great decks.. so..

Standard: 1.5
Tuff ENuff: 1.65
Mewfive Krillin's Energy Attack
Wonder who picked these... Anyway:
Well, this card is a very underrated Krillin card. An energy for two in and
of itself is not very impressive, but this card has the fun text (Or
something like it) "If used by Krillin, this attack can be used 1 more time
this Combat". Fun stuff for us Ally players. It's basically a Tri-Beam minus
the third use and RFG text. Plus, with Cell's Arena, Overcharge, and the
like, it can drain an Ally player faster and end up doing more life, which
is fun.

For players of the more common Krillin Freestyle deck, it is still a good
card. Once you get to the WGS Lv.3, it can become an energy doing 2 life and an insane amount of stages twice, which is evil. It can make your opponent ditch blocks so they have stages for their energies, or have stages so their physicals affect you. In either case, it gets rid of their blocks so you can hit them with bigger attacks.

Standard - 2/5. Not too many people use Krillin there, but those who do will want this card for some purpose.
TE - 3.3/5. More Krillin decks there, seeing as the threat of DB is removed.

Krillin's Energy Attack, #113 from Saiyan Saga:

Power: Energy attack doing 2 draws from the life card deck if not stopped. If used by Krillin, this card stays on the table to be used one more time in this combat.

This card is obviously only going to be used by Krillin because who wants an energy attack doing 2 life! This card is ok in decks that use a lot of
modifiers, maybe a deck that uses Energy Empowerment Drill. This card is also ok in Krillin Freestyle decks that needs some more named cards (plus it is a krillin named card). You might as well use Tien's Tri-Beam or if you are orange use Orange 5-Finger Focus. I like the picture and the quote though. Not too much else to say besides, this is actually a pretty good energy attack from Saiyan Saga; if used by Krillin! (I know it is hard to believe)


Standard - 0.75 (there won't be too much use here)

Tuff Enuff - 1.15 (there are some krillin freestyle decks that will use this

Sealed deck - 0.2 (why would you get saiyan saga packs anyway, except to get the nappa's energy aura, nappa's physical resistance, and Vegeta's physical stance; it isn't really worth it though)

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