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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Majin Power Drill

Babidi Saga


Reviewed APR 29, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Majin Power Drill has two initial barriers: Majin only and “If you declared Tokui-Waza.” There are only so many Majin personalities out there, which severely limits the use of this card. Who would use “M” anyway? But yeah, Majin Power Drill has a pretty good effect. Load these into a deck that just runs physical attacks that have no modifiers on it, and they all become focused doing +2 life. Yeah, that means you can run Goku’s Dashing Punch and awesome cards like that and turn it into a focused physical attack doing 8 power stages of damage +2 life cards of damage. Pretty decent if you ask me.

Standard – 3/5 Focused attacks break through Master Roshi Dragon Ball decks and their Blue Style Masteries

Tuff Enuff – 3/5

Majin Power Drill - BS

Meh.. A not so useful card from the babidi saga. Since most of the majin attacks already have some plus damage on them. But it does make those blue betrayals focused and +2 life cards ;x. Thats all i can think of really. I mean the other way to make this drill a little useful is use it with goku and make gokus physical attack focused and +2 life cards. But then you gotta go through all the crap of putting an M on him and blah blah. Nah I wouldnt wanna bother with this card really.

Rating 1.5


Da Krillin
Monday - Majin Power Drill
Yay, a Majin card..woo hoo -_-'

"Majin only. If you declared a Tokui-Waza, whenever you perform a physical attack that has no damage modifiers on the card, the attack does an additional +2 life cards of damage and is a focused attack."

Meh..this card is kinda dumb, cuz you know...majins are really big on huge modifiers (look at spopovitch) ..this card is only helpful for like Final
Physical Attacks, and thats about it -_-..of course you could have things
like Krillin's Power Block and Orange Smackdown do damage, in addition to there effects ;)

Standard: 1.0
Tuff Enuff: 1.5

Majin Power Drill-
Majin Power Drill is a nice little addition to a Majin beatdown deck.  Only three problems, its if you declared tokui, its a drill, and attacks cant have modifiers.  There are many styled physical attacks out there without modifiers, just, from different styles.  Its also a drill, so its discarded like so much bad beef.  Majins usually don't have a good level one, and if they do, their higher levels are much better.  Thus, you'll be packing anger, therefore you pop up a level this baby is discarded.  Lest we forget the massive amount of drill discarding stuff out there, just plain mean.  Attacks can't have modifiers either, so if you are declaring a tokui, cept for freestyle, you'll get maybe 2 or 3 good cards to use with  this.  Once Buu saga comes out, maybe Freestyle Majin will be beefy, since drills cannot be discarded, but unless many Majin Vegeta or Buu named cards come out, I don't see that being a viable deck.  All around it isn't the best card, but maybe its just a sleeper for now.

Regular - 2.5 ( ^ many reasons)
Tuff Enuff - 1 (Are You Tuff Enuff and Aura Clash)


Majin Power Drill: Power: Majin only. If you declared a Tokui-Waza, whenever you perform a physical attack that has no damage modifiers on the card, the attack does an additional +2 life cards of damage and is a focused attack.

Majin power drill is one of those many so-so drills from the babidi saga.  It would work well in majin cosmic backlash but it's only if you declared a TW.  It still makes non modified physical attacks like goku's dashing punch very evil, but there aren't that many that are playable.  This card is mainly a waste of space in your deck, as you have to build your deck around it to make it useful.  Building your deck around a drill has never been easy with all the drill hate in the environment, and this drill is not even worth it.  If only it affected energy attacks as well, then it would see more play.  Still works well in a majin yakon fun deck though, lol.  

Standard: 1.2
Tuff Enuff: 1.5
Majin Power Drill

Hrm. This is one of the better "majin only" cards in Babidi Saga. Score decided not to screw up and allow this to be comboed with cosmic backlash. The only problem is, most of the attacks in saiyan, black, red, orange, or whatever have modifiers. The first attack that comes to mind is majin overwhelming attack. I really don't feel the +2 life cards thing is that great, but the focusing of attacks is. I guess this card would be a lot better if the majin's were, too.


Standard 2/5
Tuff Enuff 2/5


Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Majin Power Drill
Babidi Saga #63

Majin Only. If you declared a Tokui-Waza, whenever you perform a physical attack that has no damage modifiers on the card, the attack does an additional +2 life cards of damage and is a focused attack.

Interesting. Very interesting. This card is very playable in Majin physical decks, but the fact that very few Majin physical decks are playable devalues the card a lot.

There are currently only 6 Majin Main Personalities, and Spopovich, Dabura, Vegeta, Pui-Pui, and Yakon are the characters to use this drill with. The problem with this card stems from the fact you have to build a lot of your deck around this drill to actually make it work.

At Level 1, Yakon will get the most out of this Drill. All physicals that have no modifiers are automatically doing +4 life and are focused, and raise anger 1. That’s not bad. But the anger means the drill is gone after 5 attacks hit. But, of course, there are many ways to keep this drill around, like Tien’s Block and Brothers in Training. Yakon’s Level 2 isn’t shabby and will annoy ally decks and screw up a lot of strategies. Hence, this card can help a lot in getting there.

The thing is physicals that don’t have modifiers often don’t find homes in decks. The ones that do have extreme if successful or secondary effects. Red has ones like Feint (Pui-Pui should welcome this), Double Strike (anger, multiple beatdown), Lightning Slash (nice way to deal with allies), and Face Upheaval (non-combat removal). I’m sure there are a lot more out there with many other styles as well. Cell’s Backslap and Goku’s Dashing Punch come to mind. But you have to use those cards to take advantage of this drill.

On the other hand, there are a lot of really good physical attacks that have a set damage on the card. Cards like Black Defensive Burst and Straining Jump Kick Move come to mind. Making these cards focused and making them much bigger can help a lot in the long run, especially as these cards can deal out a lot of damage with nice secondary effects.

If you play as a Majin with many attacks without modifiers, try this card out. Using a Mastery that benefits the attack, as well as other outside modifiers, you can make your physical attacks do a lot of life cards and be much harder to block.

It is a Drill also, so it can be discarded or removed quite easily. If you can keep this drill around and have a deck that can abuse this card, it will work nicely. Only major problem is Piccolo and his ability to get rid of this drill easily and get rid of your power as well.

Standard: 2.5 out of 5.0 (decent card, playable in the correct deck, but hence correct deck)
Tuff Enuff: 2.4 out of 5.0 (would work really nice in this format, but you gain levels a lot, making Drills less stable)
Sealed: 1.5 out of 5.0 (there are some, but not many physical attacks without modifiers, but you need to be a Majin to use this)

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