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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Orange Temple Strike

Babidi Saga


Reviewed May 2, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Orange Temple Strike - Babidi Saga

Wow. A good card for a change. Orange Temple Strike just screams DIE NON-COMBATS.... Anyway, Physical attack for +2 life cards. If successful and your opponent has more non-combats than you, your opponent discards 1 non-combat at a time till his number of non-combats is equal to yours. So basically, I hit you with this while i have no non-combats in play and you have like 4-8 non-combats they all go. A very nice non-combat killer. Orange Physical Beatdown decks got another card worth running. Even colorless decks can run these too!

Rating 3.5


Da Krillin
Friday - Orange Temple Strike
YAY! As some of you may..or may not know, orange is my favorite style, whether it be physical orange or energy orange..its just the best my opinion

This card reads

"Physical attack doing +2 life cards of damage. If successful and your
opponent has more Non-Combat cards in play than you, your opponent discards 1 Non-Combat card at a time until his number of Non-Combat cards in play equals yours."

Seeing as Orange Physical Beatdown decks dont' run to many drills, aside from hero's drill, Krillin's Coolness drill (in tuff enuff) and Orange join restraint drill, this card can come in handy, especially if you're playing against an orange energy deck..with its..lots of drills :p... It also does an ok amount of damage, which with the help of the WGS Orange Style Mastery will be +2 stages and +2 life (could be more life depending on how many successful orange attacks you performed earlier in the combaT)

Standard: 3.0
Tuff Enuff: 2.9
Mantis Man Friday - Orange Temple Strike

And Orange gets more non-combat hate... I think Orange hates itself. This card's nice 'cause it can get around Orange Focusing Drill... the only other card that can do that is Straining Defense Move, and not only were you removing 2 life cards for every drill, you could only take out drills... this can kill every non com your opponent has. Which makes it pretty nice, not to mention I always like physicals that do + so many life. TE doesn't see too many non coms, but it's still a decent attack. Altogether nice card.

Standard 3.5/5 TE 3/5

--Mantis Man

Matthew Low
5/2/03 – Friday

Orange Temple Strike – Babidi Saga

Uncommon – Card #78

Physical Combat

Physical attack doing +2 life cards of damage. If successful and your opponent has more Non-Combats in play than you, your opponent discards 1 Non-Combat card at a time until his number of Non-Combat cards equal yours.

What an interesting card. I call this the Red Lightning Slash of Orange. Sorta.

If this attack hits, you can say good-bye to all your opponent’s non-combats. Of course that all depends on how many you run. That in mind, you shouldn’t run too many if you want to use this card to maximum proficiency.

Orange Physical will be running Joint Restraint Drill, so you will probably have at least one non-combat out if you can. If you have Destruction Drill out, that can take care of the slack the physical misses.

What makes this card nice is the fact it can be used in non-Tokui-Waza decks and it gets around Orange Focusing Drill. It forces your opponent to get rid of Nons one at a time, which means Focusing goes away first, then the Drills can as well. This can be a life saver if Orange Drill or Roshi DB decks get too many non-combats on you. Either that or maybe there are a few annoying non-combats you can’t massively get rid of, or you just lost all of yours. Fact is this card can reverse many situations. But it has to hit first.

This card isn’t a shabby physical attack even if your opponent doesn’t have any non-combats. With the sheer lack of good Orange Physical attacks, I can see this card having a home in many Orange Physical decks because it deals decent damage with a great if successful effect. If bigger Orange Physicals are made, this card might fade away, but right now that’s not true.

Your opponent also gets to choose what he keeps, which can be bad, because maybe there was one specific card you were trying to get rid of. That said, this card works best in decks that run next to no non-combats, which makes this a board clearer. Opponents will not want to risk letting this physical attack go through when time comes if they wish to keep their nons, so you might lure out a block.

Orange also already has a pretty good time getting rid of Non-combats with Orange Stare Down. With this card as well, Orange shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting rid of non-combats, which is great for board control. I can see this card in freestyle anger, an archtype which has fallen away quite a bit.

Standard: 3.2 out of 5.0 (if successful hurts, but the sheer power of this card gives it a high rating) Tuff Enuff: 2.0 out of 5.0 (same deal here but non-combats aren’t as heavily played, especially due to drills disappearing way too quickly)

Sealed: 3.0 out of 5.0 (not a bad card to get here, probably next to no nons to get rid of but it can’t hurt)

Hmm...I hate this card big time. I run a deck that has tons of this is a card to be feared.

Aside from my obvious bias, this is a solid little card. The attack is average...a standard PA, +2 Life Cards...not expecially amazing. However, the secondary effect is just evil. Taking out your opponent`s non combats is just plain brutal when playing against a drill deck...If you don`t play a lot of non combats, but get screwed up when you face someone WITH many, this card is a lifesaver. If not...well, stay far away. 3/5

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