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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Blue Trapped Strike

Babidi Saga


Reviewed APR 16, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Blue Trapped Strike - Babidi Saga

Though trapped strike doesnt look to good by itself, it does have some evil combos. Its a physical attack if successful discard a non combat or ally. If namek ball 3 or 4 is out this stays out x times. X = MP level. Now it doesnt need to be in a tokui-waza deck which gives colorless another multiple attack. But it also is a great combo with splash damage drill. Get 3 splash damage drill in play. I get to level 4 or 5 and have namek ball 3 or 4 out. I get to use trapped strike 4-5 times and i draw 3 cards for each attack since theres 3 splash damage drills in play. Talk about evil. Best ways ive seen getting 3 splash damage drills out is Goku lv.4 from world games.. Wow who knew he had a use huh?

Rating 3.5


Da Krillin
Wednesday - Blue Trapped Strike

This card reads:
"Physical attack. If successful, discard a Non-Combat card or Ally in play. If either Namek Dragon Ball 3 or Namek Dragon Ball 4 is in play, this attack stays on the table to be used X more times this Combat. X = Your Main Personality's current level. Remove from the game after use."

With the introduction of the Babidi Saga, many more decks began running the Namek Dragon Balls (and yes..other than Namekian decks :p). Anyway, pesky ally decks popular in your area? Throw this in your Blue deck..or even a rainbow deck ;) can also be rid of annoyin Non-Combat cards (you know which I'm talking about :p).

Standard: 2.0
Tuff Enuff: 2.8
Tim Roberts Blue Trapped strike.
Babidi Saga 111
Power: Physical attack. If successful, discard a Non-Combat card or Ally in play. If either Namek Dragon Ball 3 or Namek Dragon Ball 4 is in play, this attack stays on the table to be used X more times this Combat. X = Your Main Personality's current level. Remove from the game after use.

hmm, is this finally a card that blue decks want??? my answer is YES!!!
first off you start with a physical attack thats nothing real special but
the effects it gets are really good, and could prove to be a blue card seen by alot of people. first off is the attack is successful you discard a
non-combat(if you really need it) or you may discard and ally in play(get
rid of orange decks!!! use splash damage drill with it) then if you are
running a few namek dragonballs in your deck the attack stays on the table to be use X more times this combat. X = your main personalities current level???? WHOA!!! so if personality is at level 4, you have NDB 4, and its successful you get to use it 4 more times this combat absolutely unreal!!!(i gotta get this card) but remember to get full use out of it combine with spash damage drill to discard another ally and to draw a card, that way 5 times x2 allies each turn = 10 discarded allies, that would upset an orange ally deck in 1 combat!!!!!


Standard = 5/5
Seriously people DO play blue even in you main competitions and will be
using this card alot, this card will be seen by alot of people in the near
future. and they better have something to stop it!!!!

Tuff enuff = 5/5
Many tuff enuff decks run what ever, but blue is a widely used style for
tuff enuff, with its effects it could flatten alot of decks within a combat
or 2. but i have a feeling it could have some hidden powers in it if
combined with the right cards.
Mantis Man Blue Trapped Strike

Hmm... this is one of the cards that got me thinking Babidi was a big
conspiracy to get people using Namekian DBs again... :) Still, even if you only get to use it once, and it's successful, it kills a NC or an ally. But any physical you can use up to 7 times in a row has to be decent. In TE it loses a bit, because while ally discard is nice, if you're running enough dbs to make this attack really useful, chances are you're losing a lot of space for more powerful attacks.

Standard 3.5/5 TE 2/5

--Mantis Man
Wednesday, April 16th-Blue Trapped Strike
Blue Trapped Strike is one of the better Blue Physical attack cards rivaling Blue Round Throw. If you're either an anger deck or you use Aura Clash or Goku's Farewell, the secondary effect on this card can turn out to be AMAZING! With Piccolo level 5 and with Namek Dragonball 3 or 4 out, this card turns into a Physical attack doing +5 and can be used 5 more times this combat!!
With Blue Neck Restraint Drill out as well, this card can be deadly. If you're playing one of those pesky ally decks, this card will get rid of them in a flash, more then likely. This card is wonderful for all types of play. The only problem with this card is that it bugs me that you need Namek Dragonball 3 or 4 to use the secondary effect >_<
Either way, this card is great!

Tuff Enuff:3.0/5

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