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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Hercule's Close Save

Babidi Saga


Reviewed May 1, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Hercule's Close Save - Badidi Saga

Hmm basically this is an extremely weak version of Where Theres Life Theres Hope. It only works against survival decks obviously. Anyway when your opponent wins by survival victory pop this non-combat from the game to shuffle back the top 4 cards from your discard pile but it cant be used in tuff enuff games. So yeah a cheap version of hope. Sure you could run this but youre better off looking for WTLTH instead of having this card in. Even though WTLTH is an UR its well worth it. Its stops any kind of victory until the beginning of your opponents next turn. While this card just stops 1 victory of 5 its just not good enough. But if you cant afford or find hope this is your typical poor man's hope. But even if I personally didnt have a hope, I still wouldnt run this.

Rating 1.5

Mantis Man Thursday - Hercule's Close Save

*gasp* A card that's actually BANNED from TE! With good reason too... this would shut down some overkills quick. Anyways... I never much got the point of cards like this... if you're down to 4 life cards you're probably pretty much toast anyways... I guess it might be good in anger or db since one turn can be the difference between winning and losing. Also, poor people (like me) can now sort of jury rig a When There's Life There's Hope between this card and It's Just Not Worth It! Not as impressive as the ur, but it gets the job done. All in all, decent desperation card. Plus I gotta give it props for that picture and that quote. XD

Standard 3/5 TE N/A

Hercules Close Save-
A poor man's WTLTH.  I don't recommend this card at all.  If you have to run this card because you lose by survival alot, then tweak your deck against that.  And shuffling 4 random cards into your life deck isn't going to keep you alive for very long.  Maybe I could see it in a DB or Stasis deck, but they usually have much, much better stuff to use.

Regular - 0.5
Tuff Enuff - 0(Can't even be used)


Matthew Low
5/1/03 - Thursday

Hercule’s Close Save – Babidi Saga

Rare – Card #100


Use when your opponent would win by the Survival Victory. Shuffle the top 4 cards of your discard pile back into your Life Deck. Using this card prevents the Survival Victory but cannot be used in Tuff Enuff. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.

I haven’t seen this card get much play, and it is probably because it isn’t that great of a card. It does have its uses though; you just have to find them.

Anyone remember It’s Just Not Worth It! from Frieza Saga? This is pretty much a card to cover the other victory not mentioned, which is interesting. If you ask me, this is a weaker Where There’s Life There’s Hope. Then again both isn’t a bad thing.

I can see this card having a home in those suicide Dragon Ball decks. All they have to do is get all their DBs at the bottom, and use the Earth DBs special drawing abilities and get them all out at once. Close Save can save you a game if you ever end up placing one like EDB 3 last. But, I’d still stick with Where There’s Life There’s Hope first and foremost. The fact that it activates on its own is a plus, and being a non-combat means it will probably be in DBs decks mostly.

But Hercule’s Close Save’s weakness stems from the fact it only protects one victory. What use is this card if you are playing against a Goku Red Anger or a Roshi Earth Blue DB? Exactly. Where There’s Life There’s Hope works all the time, this one works only once. Also, even though Piccolo Namekian Energy is the strongest archtype and it will win by survival, this card won’t save you much. You will get 4 cards back, which won’t be usually the ones you’d want. They probably won’t have endurance because they are most likely ones you just discarded. That in mind, Namekian just needs to hit another energy attack and game over.

Also keep in mind it is a non-combat that is used near the end of a game, so if it comes out early, it will probably be removed way to early.

Don’t get me wrong; this card isn’t bad. I would just rather Where There’s Life There’s Hope and that’s it. Try comboing it with Where There’s Life There’s Hope, and you might be able to last quite a few turns more than you anticipated. This card would be almost a staple in Tuff Enuff decks, but Score was smart and disabled that ability.

Standard: 2.5 out of 5.0 (decent card, but not good enough to be a staple because of how situational it is, works in some decks though) Tuff Enuff: N/A (you can’t really use it… so it gets a 0)

Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (if you can get it out, and since usually you win by Survival in sealed, it might come in handy)

DaKrillin Wednesday - Hercule's Close Save
YES...isn't the image on this card great :p....Seeing the "mighty" hercule
almost lose :p

This card reads

"Use when your opponent would win by the Survival Victory. Shuffle the top 4 cards of your discard pile back into your Life Deck. Using this card
prevents the Survival Victory but cannot be used in Tuff Enuff. Limit 1 per
deck. Remove from the game after use."

This card is alright, though survival victory isn't the most common in
Standard, which is the only place this can be used -_-;.. If it were a
sensei deck card it'd be better :p..

Standard: 2.0

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