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Black Quick Strike

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Reviewed Sep. 26, 2002


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A Score Guy
Black Quick Strike
Power: Physical attack doing 3 power stages and 2 life cards of damage. If used by Hercule, this attack stays on the table to be used 1 more time this Combat. Remove from the game after use.

Why is Hercule getting a cool card like this one? Me no like Hercule, he is a lil too annoying. >,<


Can you believe Hercule is special enough to get a cool card like this one? What where the munkeyz at Score thinking? This card is pretty ok, it can deal some major damage with the Trunks Saga Mastery but why is it pretty much a Hercule only card???? The card could have been Goten only but nooooo....

Rating 2

Tuff Enuff

I can see this card being played in this format but only if *shivers* Hercule is your Main Personality. Otherwise don't even think about it cuz this card is no bueno. Guess it depends on Hercule's power stages but the card can be pretty decent.

Rating 2.5
Da Krillin Black Quick Strike

Standard: Well..I dont know Hercule's powers I can't give this a  full rating. But It's pretty good 5 stages and 4 life with the Black Mastery TS, and if Hercule used it thats 10 stages and 8 life cards put into 2ttacks :p

TE:Bettter here, cuz it's good to do damage when it counts. But since I dont know Hercules powers, I dont know that there is a good reason to even run the card.

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