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Heroic Block

World Games Promo - P3


Reviewed Sep. 20, 2002


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World Games P3 - Heroic Block

This card's power totally depends on the playability of Majins. If they're widely played or a serious danger to certain decktypes, this card will be worth it 100%. Its playable in the sensei deck, so you don't have to switch it in if you dont' want to, but if Majins are big in your area, I'd run 3 in my regular deck and save the sensei slots for something else. This super-block cannot be sphered, which is great. If this wasn't RFG, it might even earn a near-perfect score from me. But itl'l just have to settle with a really good one.

Rating : 3.5/5

In TE, this card gets even better, as attacks are the name of the game in this format.

Rating : 4.25/5


Da Krillin Thursday-Heroic Block

Ooo..another great sensei deck card...

Standard: So what if this only works against a Majin? It can block their focused attacks..or a physical or energy attack, so it can stop all 3 types of attacks!! only works against a Majin, so that's a bit of a set back, but if you see your opponent plop down a Majin, you'll shuffle this card into your deck before the game (It's a sensei decck card) so you can have a bit of an advantage ;)

Rating: 3.0

TE: Since I have no idea what teh Majin personalities powers will be, there is no way I can say they will be played here I can only say..that it's probably better to block those big attacks here

Rating: 3.1

Heroic Block - P3 Promo

Well obviously it seems like you cant stop majin attacks with simple basic blocks. Since this card says it can stop a majin attack even if its focused or not. But score is still being greedy and wont show us whats up with majin attacks. Anyway this card will probably prove to be great in the sensei deck. Since it can stop majin attacks focused or regular it is indeed a great block. If theres nothing like this in the WG set better get 3 of these from somewhere O_o

Rating 3.4

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