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Chi Chi

World Games Promo - P2


Reviewed Sep. 19, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
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World Games P2 - Chi-Chi

Eh. I like the design, but the card leaves something to desire. It's definitely better than SS Chichi, as a Main personality, but the original Chi-Chi has a great power in a Goku or Gohan deck. We'll have to see if she combines with Goten beyond her card power (which if modified will be 2 beef attacks), other than that, my current rating stands as follows. 

Rating : 1.5 in both formats


Da Krillin Wednesday-Chi-Chi (level 1 WGS Promo)

Yay! It's Chi-Chi, the most dreadful character on DBZ, even more dreadful than Frieza :p

Standard: This card is pretty good, anyone who has it puts it in their ally deck, especially if they have Goten in play (even if he isn't out yet..) 3 stages may seem feeble, but if you beat down your opponent enough in a combat and then perform this attack with say, Blue Assistance drill, and Heroe's Battle Ground it'll do 7 life cards of damage ^_^

Rating: 2.3

TE: Allies aren't seen as much here, and Chi-Chi decks aren't often played. So it gets a bit lower a rating

Rating: 2.0

Chi-Chi lvl.1 - P2 Promo

Hmm.. Well since you wont be using the SS chi-chi with goten as your MP you're gonna throw her in. Obviously. Its a pretty nice focused attack. And you can use it twice per combat. She will make a good ally for goten decks. Will she have a level 2 though? Who knows. But for now her focused attack for 3 power stages and you can use it twice if goten is in play is nice. 6 Stages you can do with chi-chi amazing huh??

Rating 3.0

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