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Celestial Battleground

Word Games Promo


Reviewed Sep. 17, 2002


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Da Krillin Monday-Cellestial Battleground

Ooo, the only WGS promo I have 0_o this'll be fun

Standard: This card is pretty good, but it only gives boosts to FOCUSED attacks, so that's a bit of a set back, because there aren't very many Focused attacks yet, but it can boost powerful cards like Orange Focused Attack, and Goten's Focused Blast.

Rating: 2.0

TE: This card is seen more here, because focused attacks are seen more here, alot better for getting through thoze darn stasis decks ;p 

Rating: 2.3


Celestial Battleground - P1 Promo

Hmmm. Well i cant really give this an accurate rating or anything cos we still don't know if WG will be giving us more focused cards. But if they are they better have at least 4 or 5 focused cards of the same color. Anyway this card isn't really good though. All focused attacks just get +1/+1 stage/lifecard but just for focused attacks. I don't think this is worth tossing in a deck. Unless you play like 10 focused attacks or something. Nothing else special about this card. Might as well just play hyperbolic time chamber and just get +1 stage/lifecard for either physical or energy attacks.

Rating 2.0

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