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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Senzu Drill

Cell Games


Reviewed Sep. 13, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
I'm confused, we went from reviewing decent cards to this thing. 0.o All I
can say is BAH!!


With this wonderful and magnificent card you can set up your Senzu combos in no time, just imagine the look in your opponents face when you pull off the super Senzu tech on him. -_-; *stops being sarcastic* So yeah... this card is not that great and you shouldn't use it.... EVER!!!

Rating 1

Tuff Enuff

Have you ever wondered who Videl's mom is? :-/ They never talk about her,
she's never around and I don't think her name has ever been mentioned. Maybe Videl's an alien who was created by aliens and was later adopted by Hercule. It's all a cover up I tell you, the FBI, the CIA, the government and even the bum around the corner are trying to cover the truth. o.~

hmm.. Senzu Drill is still a bad card and you shouldn't use it, because is
like not good and stuff. 

Rating 1 
Organous Basically, there's only a total of 4 useful cards in your entire deck to search for with this: 1 Senzu Effect and 3 Senzu Beans. I only use the Effect and skip the Beans, making this a terrible card. Besides, you can just as easily use a card that searches for Non-Combats (as in Hero's Lucky Break) for the same effect, while still being able to target other Non-Combats.

S&TE: 1, the lowest possible

Senzu Drill - Cell Games

What the heck man.. Why do we need to review this??? Oh well whatever. This drill allows you to search your deck for a SENZU named card and put it into your hand. You can use this card during your attack phase OR non-combat step. Gee theres tons of senzu cards i can name about 20 =/ well no theres only 3 and that includes this drill. Bleh why make a drill like this. Maybe world games will give out some more senzu cards??? well anyway its got an endurance of 3 and its heroes only as well. The endurance is okay but the only card worth getting with this card is senzu effect. So this card has pretty limited uses maybe if there's more decent senzu cards this drill can be somewhat decent.

Rating 1.5
AlterEgo Friday - Senzu Drill


Senzu Drill is the best card ever! I like to use it to get out a card with Senzu in the title, and there are only 3 of them! Thats what makes this card so good! There are only 3 Senzu Cards to choose from, so you dont have to make any big decisions! Wow, Score was really on the ball when they made this card!


Standard & TE 5/5

Note: This review was all sarcasm, if you couldnt tell, here's the real review: this card is crap.



Standard and TE: .01/5


Hmmm......Did I miss something, or are we SUPPOSED to always pick a card that is crummy? There are much better cards than senzu cards if you want to power up to full. I can see using senzu effect, but a drill........come ON.

Kind of pathetic if you ask me. I would prefer focusing over senzu related powerups any day.

Standard: 1/5

Tuff Enuff: 1/5

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