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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


The Hero is Down

Android Saga

(Collector's Note: This card fetches $30 to $55 on Ebay.)

Reviewed Sept. 10, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Feeding his fishy.
Organous I only wish this were easier to come by. This is a card that all physical decks need. It's the cure for those pesky Cell Jr. decks out there, as well as Master Roshi ally decks. Even if your opponent is not playing ally, it's great to force your opponent down to 0 stages when you've got a hand full of nasty attacks. Unfortunately, though, physical doesn't do all to great in standard tournaments, so it's not as good there, but still rocks.

S: 4 TE: 4.6

Da Krillin Mon - The Hero Is Down

This card is alright..mainly cuz it gotzes Vegeta on it :p

Not's arlight, but it's villains only, and hard to get your hands on. So if you have a Villain phys. beatdown deck, then stick this in yer deck ;). The only thing is ..this card is completely useless against an ally deck...

Rating: 2.3

BTW, today's my birthday! Happy B-day to me!!! yayz!!

The Hero is Down - Android Saga

Bleh. A semi good Ultra rare. Its villains only which kinda sucks but it can be a big help against something like ally decks or great for saiyan decks. They start combat, you use this at the end they are at zero. you start a combat hit them with super saiyan effect and they'll be stuck at zero cos they cant perform hidden power level. and just for good measure toss in a gohans kick and lock them in it >_< . But anyway a nice ultra rare. If it was limit 2 or 3 it would be better. And im reviewing late at night >_< so with that i end this review with a rating

Rating 3.0
AlterEgo Monday - The Hero Is Down
Mmm, hero is down...

This card is really great against ally decks, assuming you are a villain. It is also good in physical attack decks, you just get them down to 0 with this card, and beat them up. I like using this card with Saiyan Rapid Fire, but only against ally decks. Imagine this card used against your opponent, and your opponent has 20 allies. You lower them and your opponents MP to 0. THEN, use Saiyan Rapid Fire... POW! 84 life cards.  this card isnt really good, unless you are against an ally deck...

Standard: 2.7/5
Tuff Enuff: 2.5/5

This card is good, bad, average. Whenever I start a sentence out like that, it means the rating for both formats is 3/5. This card + Captain Ginyu's Sacrifice vs. Ally decks is JUST juicy! This card can be really good on its own to stop an energy attack deck for maybe a round. But it works better in the Cell Saiyan, Anti-Ally version. I dunno. Just another average card.


Judge Rich yo yo yo yo YO

Judge Rich here. Sorry I didn't post last week but up here in AK we were preparing for a TE. 21 people entered, 12 got overkilled ^_*.

Mon - The Hero Is Down

Well this is just a juicy card aint it? This works really good if you are using Red Beets Mastery from Cell Saga, or have a heavy saiyan beatdown deck. Damn good for a non combat. 

Standard: myeeaaaaaaaaah.... 2/5 
Tuff Enuff: Hell Yeah 4/5

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