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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Black Elbow Counter

Android Saga


Reviewed Sept. 9, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
WOW!!! This card is amazing, you better not be planing to use 3 of them in your deck because they will probably be restricted real soon, how could Score's Elite R&D *rolls eyes* let a card this powerful go trough?


Ok, enough about that, this card is as good as the Saiyan Saga moves ever where. Then again a Physical attack for 1 life card costing 3 power stages would actually help an ally deck. 0.o Guess even some of those really old cards were better than this.... this... thing. All I can say is Yucky!! ;-p Rating 1

Tuff Enuff

I warned yall, don't say I didn't because I warned every one of you. I said if I have to review another one of those really bad cards I'm telling more stories but yall didn't take me serious did yall? Well, here it is.... Have you ever taped someone to their bed while they're asleep? O.O It's all sorts of fun because you should see their faces when they open their eyes and can't move or figured out what's going on. >;~) I'll just give you a few pointers:

1) Alwayz deny everythig. ^,^

2) Once the tape starts coming off run as fast as you can. 0.o

3) Run Faster <~~~ that tip can save your life. ~_0

Rating 1

Organous Gee, the 3rd common we've seen so far in these previews.  *yawn*

This card does have 3 effects on it, but not even combined do they make much.  If you really want to be as offensive as you possibly can without scringing on defense, you might want to put it in.  I can easily think of many other blocks you might want to put in instead, though.

S: 0.9     TE: 1.1

Da Krillin Black Elbow Counter

Weirdness -_- thats all I'm going to say ^_^

Standard: This card stops a phys. attack, and in the process lowers your opponents anger one, and their pwr stages by one ^_^. Make yer opponent pay for those phys. attacks :p. The weird thing is 0_o it's a black card that LOWERS your opponents anger -_-' this is (I think) the only black card that lowers your opponents anger (but hey we dont know what might be in WGS)

Rating: 2.3

TE: This is just as good here. In Standard it helps lower your opponents anger, thus prolonging their stride to MPPV. In this it can lower your opponent 1 stage, maybe prevent them from performing another NRG attack, or maybe just so that it can inflict a life card :p

Rating: 2.3

Black Elbow Counter - World Games

Stops a physical, lowers anger 1 and lose a power stage. Id have to say this card isn't that bad. Black is always about beatdown. And now we see a card that is making them lose stages like saiyan decks. Hmmm interesting to see what other black cards come out. Anyway this card is pretty good I prefer piccolos physical defense but id black gives out more cards that make them lose power stages id toss these in for good measure.

Rating 2.4
AlterEgo Friday - Black Elbow Counter

geez! i just felt like saying that for some odd reason... i really dont know. im gonna sit in my corner...

anyway, Black Elbow Counter isnt that good of a card. It works in a physical attack deck, but thats about it. stops a physical attack. whupde doo! But wait! theres more! you lower your opponents anger, AND he loses a power stage! tell me why isnt this card an ultra rare!?

If you couldnt tell, i was using sarcasm, i dont think this cards good. Its too plain, and not really worth putting in your deck hen there are a lot better blocks out.


Standard & TE 1/5

Saiyanofice Black Elbow Counter:

This is definitly a card worth looking into for Black Style Decks. With the ability to stop a physical attack plus lowering your opponent a power stage and an anger level, this card is sure to see play as soon as it is legal.

Standard ~ 3 Definitly should be put in black decks.

Tuff Enuff ~ 3.5 In Tuff Enuff you run into a lot of physical beatdown decks, this stops their attack and strikes them back for a little damage also.

~ Saiyanofice

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