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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Blue Thunder Flash

World Games


Reviewed Sept. 5, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Organous This card will probably end up just taking up space in your sensei deck.  Blue Stance, as IQ mentioned, is much better, without the need for tokui-waza and lowering your opponent's anger as well.  If you really want to try for anger with Blue, you can put this in your sensei deck, but I don't think you should.

One use for this card that some might not immediately see is that it can help Blue ally decks.  I have a good friend who plays a Blue ally deck, but has level 2 allies inside it.  He needs anger to bring them out, and this can help him out in that regard.  While it's true that the extra anger only comes if your opponent declared a Red tokui-waza, that's actually the deck type you want to play against when you do allies (plenty of allies means many stages of damage needed for any life cards to be dealt).  So far, Red's been mainly physical, and though this expansion will soon lean more to energy for that style, I think Red will keep to tradition in tournaments and stick with power stages, making your ally deck a tough force to fight against.

Chances are, though, that you're not going to include level 2 allies in your decks, nor is it probable that your opponent will play Red (1/6 chance, not likely).  If you're going to do an ally deck, you might consider putting this in your sensei deck, but I wouldn't make it a high priority.

S: 3.1     TE: 3.5

Da Krillin Blue Thunder Flash

A Blue card that raises anger...this will be interesting -_-' -_0

Standard: This card is the best here, because you can win MPPV here, duh...:p But the thing is from what Iv'e seen from WGS, lots of cards have special requirements, like GOten's Focused Blast, you can't have a Discard Pile when you use it, and with this, you have to be playing a red deck. But the thing is, it's a Sensei Deck card :p So if your facing someone, ,and they sit down and immediatly place down their red style mastery, just exchange this card for somethin' else in your deck ;)

Rating: 3.0

TE: This card isn't as good here. Gaining anger is still good, but you can't win MPPV

Rating: 2.3

Blue Thunder Flash - World Games

Blue anger? Well okay its getting that way. I thought blue was the calming style or something like that? Guess not. Anyway not a bad energy attack but blue stance is better. Your opponent doesn't need to declare red to gain 2 anger. Is blue going anger now? whats next? saiyan going energy? bleh score needs to show us some rares this week. Maybe a mastery or 2? ;x Anyway limited uses for this card since they need to declare red. This is strictly sensei deck material only

Rating 1.5
AlterEgo Thursday - Blue Thunder Flash

Hmm... a lesser blue stance... works for me!

Blue Thunder Flash not only has an awesome picture, but it also has an incredibly annoying name that took me 50 tries to type ^_^ It seems that blue is getting a lot more power in the anger department, and that is probably because of the new mastery which is rumored to be based around anger. Its an energy attack doing 5 life cards, and if you declared a tokui waza, and your opponent declared red, you raise your anger 2.  Theres the kicker that makes this card seemingly useless. Your opponent must declare red. If not for htis part, it would be a good card, but then again, that part is there, so its not as good. It may not be a good idea putting 2-3 of these in there, it will be a wasted card if your opponent doesnt declare blue. 

All in all, this card is ok, but not good enough to be REALLY good, (know what i mean?)

In tuff enuff, this card is more useful, because people would probably use it in a blue energy attack deck.

Standard: 2/5
Tough Enough (yes, i spelled it right, just getting back to school...) - 2.5/5

~ Saiyanofice Blue Thunder Flash:

Though playing a sensei deck can be risky buisness, this is one of the few blue cards that can raise your anger, so you're no longer stuck at level one. Also doing 5 life cards of damage, this could prove useful for future blue decks.

Standard ~ 2 It is too early to tell how useful this card will be, because we do not know that much about the sensei deck.

Tuff Enuff ~ 2.5 This card could be good if you are playing a red deck but there are other blue cards that do large ammounts of life cards that aren't so risky because of the sensei element.

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