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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Goten's Focused Blast

World Games Saga


Reviewed Sept 4, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Deja Vu!! Sorry but once again lucky me gets to review yet another card that I've reviewed already for the Main site. C'on guys I'm creative and all but this is pushing it, if we keep this up you'll start finding more of my random stories instead of card reviews. ;-p


There have been a few new deck archtypes that fight Dende DB decks really well because they use a lot of Focused attacks and Dying Planet which simply works great against Dende DB decks. I can see this card falling into a deck like that one because the draw back won't really be that bad and it's still 8 life cards of damage your opponent can't prevent with the Blue Style Mastery. Can you say gimme that dragon ball? :-D

Rating 2.4

Tuff Enuff

hmmm... in theory this card is really nice because it's a Focused attack for 8 life cards and all that other good stuff. It's almost a Good Advice that doesn't remove itself from the game but I don't think it would work that well in this format, players still use Dying Planet to deal with Namekian but that's about it. Can't even remember the last time I saw a Hero's Heart is Strong in this format so this card can work well but only in a certain deck archtype. : (

Rating - 2
Da Krillin Goten's Focused Blast

Yay! A Goten card to review 0_o

This card is good, probably in an ally deck, where you can use thigns like Straining Destruction move, and then perform this for 8 life cards >_<. It might also work well in a Namekian deck, since alot of the time all of yer cards are back in your deck, or removed from the game. The fact that it does 8 life cards makes it even more appealing ;)

S and TE: 2.3

Gotens Focused Blast - World Games

Hmm a good or bad card? Ill say that it is pretty good since it is focused and it does 8 life cards worth of damage. The part about this card that i don't like is of course. Cant have a discard pile. This card will be nice in a tapkar deck though ^_~ (tapkar on the move is so gonna 0wnz) Anyway, in any other kinda deck i can think of this card wont fit in it. You can try doing A hero heart is strong but if they hit you with Heat seeking blast or something its gonna ruin the combo and make this card useless. Dying planet is probably the best way to go for this card.

Rating 1.7
~ Saiyanofice Goten's Focused Blast:

The only way I can think of to pull this one off would be to use it with a combination of some of the following cards: Straining Destruction Move, Dying Planet, and/or A Hero's Heart Is Strong. While this is a very powerful attack it would be hard to pull off unless you drew it in your oppening hand.

Standard ~ 1.5 - 2 This is too hard to pull off, it may be better to put in something you're sure you can use.

Tuff Enuff ~ 1.5 There are many cards you could put in your deck that would be a lot more helpful than trying to combo this card.

Mathew Frank Wednesday - Goten's Focused Blast

Ooohhh great, yet another card to add to everyone's list of cards in their Tapkar Dying Planet Decks... This card is really good if you are using a deck that doesnt rely on a discard pile and uses cards like straining destruction move, and a heros heart is strong. It is a focused energy doing 8 life cards, which is the biggest focused attack yet! I have a feeling that Goten's Focused Blast won't be used a lot except in those types of decks. The Picture looks cool though!

In tuff enuff, this card is pretty equal ot in standard in my opinion.


Standard & TE: 2.3/5

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