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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Namekian Combo

World Games


Reviewed Sept. 3, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Namekian Combo

hmmm... looks like I get to review this card.... again. o.0 First for the official site and now for this one, guess I'll just have to be a lil creative and come up with new things to say about it like... hmm.. like.... :-/     urge to do a copy, paste from the official site rising... >;~)


There isn't much beatdown in this format because of all those wonderful and very rather unique and unexpected Dragonball decks. 0.o [[stops being sarcastic]] Like I was saying, this attack normally wouldn't see much play in standard but with the release of Wrold Games this format is going to change a lot.

Rating 2.7

TuFf EnUfF <~~~~ Raver writing. ^_<

As everyona can see this card works really well in a Namekian Physical beatdown deck, it can help you get your opponent to zero in no time and with the power ratings of a namekian like Pikkon it should be no trouble applying a good beatdown. Besides not only is he the strongest namekian out there but his level 1 power is just... just yummy. ^.^ Who can say no to the ability to be able to.... heh heh... did yall really think I was gona tell yall what he does? ;-p

Rating 2.5

Organous Am I the only one who sees Pikkon's head faintly in the circle there?  It seems Score has taken a liking to putting characters in there, using Goku in the Cell cards (Cell and Cell Games).  There's also Saiyaman in the cards that are of the Saiyaman time and (I'm not sure) Hercule for the world tournament.

At first glance, this card seems excellent.  It is, but only if you're doing Namekian physical survival.  Mostly what I see in the tournament environment for Namekian is either energy with Piccolo/Nail or heavy recycle with Lord Slug.  Namekian physical using Piccolo or Cell is pretty rare from what I see.

But enough of how rare this deck type is.  Assuming you do wish to use this deck type, this card is awesome.  Alone, it's not too great, but like Tien's Tri-Beam, you gotta combo it with stuff to make it worth its time.

S: 2     TE: 4.1
Da Krillin Namekian Combo

Looks like Namekian will be focusing more on attacking rather than recycling/rebuilding..

Standard: This card is's 6 stages, but it also gets removed from the game, the fact it gets used twice is useful it getz rid of those pesky defense shields.

Rating: 2.5

TE: This cards is juss a little better here, because stasis is so dominant, you can get those stupid defense out of yer opponent's hand ;)

Rating: 2.7

Namekian Combo - World Games

Bleh i don't like namekian decks much. Regeneration is such an eye sore anyway world games gives out a namekian combo card. 3 physical attacks in 1 card. Its a pretty weak attack since it only does 3 stages each so without the help of some modifiers this card is pretty much ugly. Sure it does 3 stages each but hidden power level and other power up cards, your opponent will probably just take the stages and save the blocks for the real heavy hitting attacks. Come on score quit messing with us and show us some rares.

Rating 2.5
~ Saiyanofice Namekian Combo:

This card is like a physical combat Tien's Tri Beam. Every Namekian Physical beatdown deck should definitly run three of these with Namekian Physical Drill, Nail COmbat Drill and Krillin's Coolness Drill for TE. This could also be put in regeneration decks, because you get the value of 3 cards in 1 and you can drain your opponents stages so they cannot hit you back.

Standard Rating ~ 2 Until we know more about the new masteries and new namekian style cards, this card really doesn't go with current namekian masteries and deck configurations.

Tuff Enuff ~ 2.5 Because of no DB victories, if anyone did play Namekian in Tuff Enuff...then this may be a good asset.

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