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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Grand Kai

World Games


Reviewed Nov 1, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Grand Kai - World Games - Rare

Hmm thats a pretty nice power. All your attacks do +1 power stages of damage and he doesn't even have to take over combat. That makes him 1 decent ally that you would wanna put in. Plus he has Z stages so he can take a beating for awhile at least. He is an ally that is just for that extra punch. Black Style Mastery TS will be a nice combo for him. Your attacks doing +2 life cards and +3 power stages of damage thats a good extra punch indeed. Sure its only +1 power stage but +1 power stage can go a long way.

Rating 3.5
JayManFu I like this personality, as an ally he can make all your attacks just a little stronger and you dont even have to be at 1 or 0 above...nice. What else is cool is that it is all attacks, not just physicals so you can have your energies doing life cards and power stages, not bad. For TE he can help you get that extra life card for the overkill and allies are always

Standard: 3.8/5
TE: 3.9/5
Chibi Grand Kai: This is a great Ally to play in any hero physical beatdown deck, since most physical decks don't rely on actually using their Allies. The Z's for power stages can also help against opposing
physical  decks. This card combo'd with the South Kai Sensei and the WGs Orange Style Mastery can equal the CS Red Style Mastery.

In Standard, he's a good multi-tasking old man. 3.5/5

In Tuff Enuff, there's more physical beatdown, but there's also more Ally removal. So make good use of him while he's out there. 3.8/5


COTD Grand Kai Personality

Greetings and Salutations! Today we are looking at the GRAND KAI PERSONALITY (Damn you for making me think otherwise, Trunks!) from the World Games Saga!

Okay, so just what good is this whacked out and crazy Kai? Well, as the power reads: "All of your attacks do +1 stage of damage. Grand Kai doesn't need to be in control of combat to use this power." Basically you are going to get a little boost to each and every one of your attacks. Not only that but you get someone with Z for stages so he can manipulate damage fairly well.

Over all he is going to be a useful addition to beatdown decks. But won't see much play as he isn't overwhelmingly good.

Standard: 2.5/5
Tuff Enuff: 3/5
DaKrillin Friday - Grand Kai - World Games

Standard: This card will probably appear in all ally decks, since his power
comes into play even when he isn't in control of combat. Another plus is
that if you wanna convert damage to him, the base damage will only be 2 (if you didn't know..thats the ruling on the 'Z' power levels)

Rating: 2.5

Tuff Enuff: This card might be a bit better here, since you see allies more
(Blue Frustration Drill and all...)

Rating: 2.9

Grand Kai

There's no denying it, this guy is one of the coolest characters in the show. ^-^ But as far as the game goes it's a different story. : (


There's Pretty much no reason to use this guy in this format because he doesn't fight anger, doesn't affect Dragonballs and he's not that great when it comes to beatdown. You have to get him out in the early game to make it worth your while and in this format that would me using the South Kai Sensei instead of the West Kain one. That's really painful as it is already because you're sacrificing a card that will fight the environment for one that doesn't really do much.

Rating 1.4

Tuff Enuff

In this format the story's a little different because decks are more Combat oriented and there aren't a lot of Nom-combat cards. In this format you can afford to get this guy out turn one and commence the Physical beatdown. Use him with a Main Personality that can perform a Physical attack with the new Orange Style Mastery to use him to his full potential. It makes me wish he was a villain so I could use him with Cell HT level 1. ^_<

Rating 2.9

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