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Android 18's Stare Down

Android Saga


Reviewed Oct. 07, 2002


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Android 18's staredown - Android Saga - Rare

Android 18's staredown is a solid staple card for villain decks. You get to look at your opponents hand and discard any card of your choice. Obviously this card is good with cards like villains true power. Take out their only energy block and smacked them with VTP for 10 life cards easy. Although it can be sphered it is still the most highly played card cos they sphere you back :P. Undoubtedly this is the number 1 rare from Android saga. And to make this card even more evil, Android 18 can have 4 in her deck if shes a villain. Need i say more? Use and abuse this card to your hearts content.

Rating 4.8
Mike P. A18's Staredown:

Wow, great card! That should be the first words out of your mouths :p I can;t count how many times this card has won the game for me or beaten me! This is a must for all villain decks no matter what strategy you are using. (Plus, A18's cute ^_> )

Standard: 4
Tuff Enuff: 4

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