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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Scan courtesy of

Red Style Mastery

World Games


Reviewed Oct. 30, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Red Style Mastery - World Games - Rare

Well this is different. Whoever thought red would turn into energy beatdown anyway? Oh well anyway this is a pretty good mastery. Its anti anger and makes your opponent discard top 2 cards of his deck every time he stops your red style energy attacks. This can get pretty annoying. Kinda like how nail was with his personality power. But this type of mastery will go fine with Kid Trunks since hes based on energy attacks on 2 of his personalities then his level 3 will just let you draw even more red style energy attacks. The anti anger of this card isn't much but when you keep on performing energy attacks over and over you can keep anger in check a little bit but not that much. You'll run out of power stages sooner or later.

Happy Halloween!!! since theres no COTD of Thursday

Rating 3.9
JayManFu Red Style Mastery WGS: Well the first time I get to review and I get this!? Well actually, this mastery has completed Red Masteries. It now has: Anger, Physical beats, and the new Energy. Although I believe that it should do +1 life cards to energies, the discarding 2 is nice. As for the lowering anger, that can be pretty annoying if you are a deck that tries to get anger through just a few cards. Well, time for the rating. Standard: 2.8/5
Chibi WG Red Style Mastery: Red has finally gone energy. It's always had those nice drills to pump up energy attacks, but there was never any reason to play them...until now. If there were more red energy
attacks to choose from this could be a competitive deck-type, but for now, it's better for a fun deck.

In Standard, this Mastery falls short of the Trunks Saga Orange Style Mastery. 2.2/5

In Tuff Enuff, this loses a little value due to the fact that people run less Android 20 Absorbing Drills. 2.0/5
Red Style Mastery (WGS)

Greetings and Salutations, fellow DBZ CCG'ers! Today we are taking a look at one of the much anticipated new masteries from the World Games Expansion.

"Whenever you perform an energy attack, lower your opponents anger 1 level. If your opponent stops one of your Red Style energy attacks, he discards the top 2 cards of his life deck."

Ok, so for some odd reason we are seeing a reversal of one of the two greatest rival styles in the DBZ CCG. Suddenly we are offered a Red Style Mastery, which according to the rule book, is the "Agressive Style" that is anti-anger and energy beats. But we are just the players and we aren't supposed to question why Score does what it does.

Strictly speaking from looking at the mastery without any other considerations it isn't a bad mastery. You'll easily keep anger in check as long as you can keep the stages up. Not only this but potentially you will always be doing damage to your opponent. Android 20's Absorbing Drill? Sure, stop it and still discard 4 life cards. The energy only did 4!

However, as soon as you look at the card base for Red Style Energy you notice one distinct problem. Red has next to no good energy attacks. Red Energy Blast, Red Kienzen Discs, perhaps a few of the new ones in World Games. But they just don't add up! Your mastery will only lower anger half of the time. Perhaps in the future when we have a better selection this mastery will see some serious play.

2/5 Standard
1/5 Tuff Enuff

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