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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Word Games Promo #4


Reviewed Oct. 11, 2002


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Da Krillin Confrontation
Wow..a whole week of hand manipulation -_0

Standard: This card is kinda like the hero's A18's staredown. The only
difference is, they get to shuffle it back in, instead of having to discard
it. As I said earlier this week..this can be a good thing 0_o if you iz
playing a namekian deeck -_0.
Rating: 4.0

TE: Juss like Veggie's Lunge, it might be a bit better here, cuz there are
more Namekian decks, and more recycling ;)

Rating: 4.2
Confrontation - Trunks Saga/Trunks Reforged - Promo

Well heroes get their own kind of android 18s staredown but a really weak kind. You look at their hand and shuffle a card back into their deck. Thats still okay since you still take out a card from their hand but it will end up coming back sooner or later. But still, this card is a deck staple for heroes very much like android 18s staredown. Heroes can only have 3 of these while villains can have 3-4 of their kind. Sucks huh? Oh well better than nothing. Good card for heroes but android 18s staredown 0wnz this card.

Rating 4.5

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