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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Scan courtesy of

Orange Style Mastery

World Games #142


Reviewed Nov. 10, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Friday-Orange Style Mastery

What have they done to my beloved orange style?!..they..they made it
physical..nooo..0_o...My Orange #19 energy beatdown deck iz awesome..and now I come to find there are no new Ornage energy attacks in this my opinion on this card is

Now I know the ratings I'm going to give it will be biased..but thats ok ^_^ S and TE: 1.0

Orange Style Mastery - World Games

Hmm. well i missed Wednesdays and Thursdays cotd cos pojo didn't send me anything so nertz to him :P anyway i got todays card from Raditz so its cool. IQ needs to get off his lazy butt and start reviewing cards too :P!!! Anyway lets review the new mastery.

A pretty decent mastery with a stacking ability on the +1 life card per successful physical. And it gives all your physicals +2 to start. Pretty nice with Cell Ht level 1. Starting out with 2 physicals that do +5 each then if you have orange joint restraint drill thats another +4 so heck cell will have a power house of physicals. And world games gave out plenty of decent orange style attacks. They aren't that great but they are decent. With orange changing from energy to physical i dunno what to say really. I think Orange energy is still the power house overall. It seems like TS Orange Style Mastery will never be beaten as best orange mastery. But this type of orange deck will do pretty good with Cell and his powerful ht level one.

Rating 2.5

JayManFu Orange Style Mastery: When I first saw this card, all I could think about was how much fun I was going to have using this card, and I have. This new Mastery lets you finally use that huge drill Orange Joint Restraint Drill to its full potenially. Orange also has all the other drills and Ally/Non-combat removal that lets you do physical beats a little more easy
then red. I see lots of personalities being good with this mastery, Cell level HT being one of the best. 3.8/5

I think this mastery gets some more pump in TE, although orange doesnt have the best TE cards, but they do have Orange Smackdown. A little combo you can pull is, Orange Smackdown for 6, Orange Smackdown for
7, Battle Pausing, Orange Smackdown for 8, Orange Smackdown for 9. That's a pretty nice 30 Life cards of damage that will most likely be unstoppable. 4.1/5
Chibi Friday - Orange Style Mastery (WGS)

One of the best masterys yet, and one of the most broken, the Orange Style mastery from the World Games Saga packs a wallop.

The Orange Style Mastery (which will now be refered to as OSM) is truely an excellent addition to any orange physical attack deck. It starts off by making all of your physical attacks do +2 power stages of damage.
For every sucessful Orange Style you make, all your attacks do +1 life card as well. Think of it this way. If you make 1 sucessful orange attack, all your physical attacks will do +2 stages, and +1 life card.  If you do 2 sucessful attacks, all of your physical attacks will do +2 power stages and +2 life cards of damage. Eventually, the life card aount adds up,
especially when you have a deck with lots of orange styled physical attacks.

Now, what makes this mastery good, combo-wise? A lot of different combos can be used to make the damage add up into the tens in modifiers. Trunks level 2 from the Trunks Saga will make all your attacks do an additional +2 power stages of damage. Also, if you feel like clashing, Arqua level 3 can make all of your attacks do +7 power stages of damage, NOT including the stages from the mastery. Overall, this mastery is great for comboing off of, and just plain kicks butt!

Standard - 3.5/5
TE - 4/5

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