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Freestyle Mastery

Word Games


Reviewed Nov. 7, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Thursday- Freestyle Mastery
Finally! A freestyle Mastery ^_^...does anyone besides me think the pick on
the card is spiffy :-p

'When Entering Combat, remove the top card of your Discard Pile from the
game, if it's a named card that matches your Main Personality name a
Non-Dragonball card your opponent searches their Life Deck for one copy of
that card and discards it'

This card is pretty good...if you make a deck based around your main
personality *Looks at his Krillin named card deck* all I need now is thiz
mastery :-p..It's alright..but it isn't great..since there aren't a whole
lot of cards out there that are named..most of them is a Fighting Style..but
it's alwayz good to get rid of those scary cards in your opponent's deck!
The bad thing is..they get sent to the discard pile..and not removed from
the if you're facing..oh..say a Namekian Regen. deck..they can
easily get the stuff back..
Standard and TE: 2.1
AlterEgo Thursday - Freestyle Mastery

Ah, yes, good old masteries... but WAIT! this one is

different! ITS FREESTYLE!!!

The introduction of a Freestyle mastery made a lot of

people happy, but also made some mad. Then they

realized that freestyle is a tokui waza, so you can't

use Cosmic Backlash with it :-p

This mastery is not good at all. There are a few excptions and combos that you can pull off with it, but you basically need a lot of named cards in your deck, or a lot of discard manipulation to get your named cards to the top. The person this would work best with is Goku, because of his level 1 CS power, and he has a load of named cards. For any regular personality, like goten, or Tapkar, this mastery sucks.

Standard - 1.5/5

In TE, this card gains a TINY bit of value, because

you can take out their attacks by naming them...

TE - 1.6/5

JayManFu Freestyle Mastery

This mastery can only be effective with a few
personalities, and even with those it's not very good.
First of all, the top card of your discard pile has
to match your Main Personality. Then, you have to
remove the card just to discard one of their cards.
Also the fact that you can't use any styled cards
hurts the deck a lot. I would recommend not declaring
a Tokui-Waza over declaring a Freestyle one.

In Standard, use this if your competition isn't very
high so you'd stand a chance. As far as Masteries go,
this one is probably the worst.

In Tuff Enuff, again as far as Masteries go...blah!
Chibi Freestyle Mastery: To put it frank, I dont like this
card at all, not even a little. I dont see it being
good or even competative. The worst part about it is
that you cant use it with the new personalities
because they dont have any named cards really. Being
able to possibly "discard" a card from your opponents
deck is just not worth sacrificing all those yummy
colored cards. 1.4/5

It's Even worse for TE, cause its really hard to get
an OverKill. 1.2/5

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