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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Cell Stage One

Promo (redemption)


Reviewed November 22, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Friday- Cell stage one( level 1 HT redemption)
And ANOTHER High Tech card to review...this week has been filled with
...ehm..0_o..shiny stuff...

You'll find this card in Tuff Enuff more often than you will in Standard,
becuz he has a pretty powerful attack..that can be used 2 times..if you
declared a Tokui-Waza..ANY TOKUI-WAZA!! In Standard he isn't of much
use..becuz inflicting Life cards and powerstages of damage doesn't make much difference..becuz most standard decks focus on Most Powerful Personality Victory, or Dragonball victory. You'll find this card in many...MANY Tuff Enuff decks..especiall Red or Black (and maybe Orange with the new mastery) beatdown..becuz in Black his attack can inflict +4 power stages and +1 life card of damage..2 times in one red it can inflict up to +6 stages of damage, twice per combat..
Standard: 1.1
Tuff Enuff: 4.2
Cell Stage One - Lvl. 1 HT

This card is by far on of the best HT Lvl. 1's in the game. Cell has 2 physical attacks that do +3 and all you have to do is declare a TW to use it twice per combat. This is a nice power for almost any deck. Though cells power stages are pretty weak you'll probably only be doing +3 twice. But when they hit 0 that will be 7 life cards per attack. He also has a very high power up which makes up for the weak power stages so thats a plus. If you have this HT be sure to use it obviously. The non ht just sucks compared to this.

Rating 3.8
Chibi Cell HT Lv.1

The one personality that can go into nearly every deck. High PUR for energy decks. Two physicals for +3 are nasty in a physical deck.

There're so many cards to support him, and he also doesn't have a bad personality level. Not to mention he has a Lv.5. So Aura Clashes are nice, especially in an energy deck.

In Standard, straight beat isn't as effective, but still easily top 5. Try Orange Physical. 4.2/5

In Tuff Enuff, he's one of the best. AYTE??? or Aura Clash to any level you want, it won't matter with him, they're all great. As far as staying at level 1, it's nice too.

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