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DBZ CCG Card of the Day



Promo #14


Reviewed November 24, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Monday-Trunks level 1 HT Redemption
I hate this card!!! Considering the fact that my best deck is Orange Energy

You'll find this card in Dball decks..becuz it makes it alot harder for your
opponent to capture your Dragonballs..since the Energy attacks only do 2
life cards -_-.. He's also pretty good in a Black, Orange, or Red Physical
Beatdown deck..which are only really seen in 0_o..the rank is about the same for each type of play..cuz they have the same plusses and minuses..

S and TE: 3.0
JayManFu Trunks HT level 1 - This card can really mess your opponent up if they are playing an energy deck and they dont have any ay to get you off your level one. Also this card works really well with a dragonball deck because your opponent cant steal a Dragonball, even with krillin's heat seeking blasts. Although this card is pretty hard to get it still sees some play. standard 3.5/5

TE - For TE, he just doesnt do what he is supposed to do. HE can be AYTE??? making him less usefull. Although , TE is mainly physical beatspeople dont really use trunks. 2/5
Chibi Trunks HT Lv.1

This card was half the reason for the creation of Stunned. His power can shutdown any energy deck that's not prepared to face him. Trunks, Android 18, and Roshi are the main DB deck MPs.

In Standard, mainly played in DB decks. Outside of that he's not seen much anymore. 3.8/5

In Tuff Enuff, he won't stay at level 1 for very long, although his levels 3 & 4 provide some backup if he gets AYTE'd or Aura Clashed.
SSJ Piccolo Standard
This is where Trunks shines. Especially in your good ol' Stasis Dragonball decks. I shudder at the thought of facing these, as I never have. But oh boy, I have heard some horror stories. Your dragonballs can only be captured with the cancellation of Trunks' power, other card effects, or a boosted KHSB. So, it's nearly impossible to take away your DBs. With the help of COGD, once you put a ball on the table, it will stay. This Trunks can also help with some other decktypes, like disruption, but Dragonball is where he shines.
Rating 4.8
Tuff Enuff
Trunks really loses some power here. In Tuff Enuff, energy can be dominate, but physical is usually seen more.Besides, KHSB is usually what energy decks rely on the most. So, if you are gonna make a Tuff Enuff deck, I would exclude this HT from it.
Rating 2.7
Trunks Trunks HT - Lvl. 1

This is the best card for dragonball decks obviously. Cos energys will only do 2 life cards and you cant steal a db with only 2 life cards of damage so thats great. Only physical attacks cant get through him. Even though stunned is his weakness when you combo a deck of 43 cards (1-5, Mastery and sensei) you can get all the dragonballs out faster than they can get stunned out. Plus you got the all powerful caught off guard drill in your deck to make stunned useless. This HT is still selling for 40 bucks or more which is pretty nice. Hes not really good with anything else besides dbs cos of his power but if you hate energy attacks, trunks is the one with all the energy hate.

Rating 4.0

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