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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Scan courtesy of

Team Work Kamehameha



Reviewed November 11, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Brian Valdez

Teamwork Kamehameha sure is a pretty card, not that bad in play value either, but as new sets are released, better, more specialized cards are introduced. Teamwork Kamehameha doesn't serve any
purpose besides providing a big beatstick, and now days, that just isn't going to cut it. Secondary effects are what makes attacks truly stand out. 10 life cards is alot, but with no built in evasion properties, such as being "focused" or "unblockable" this attack just isn't going to hit that much if you play against the big boys. Also there is the whole needing an ally in play with stages, which isn't exactly the hardest condition to meet, but makes the card harder to play nonetheless. Keep this card in
your binders, unless you want to show off your "bling bling" while playing games.

Standard Rating 1.5/5

Tuff Enuff

Teamwork Kamehameha is overall better in Tuff Enuff, because things just seem to fall into place, allies are more useful in this enviroment, you have less to worry about dball, and big attacks help alot. I'm still a big fan of secondary effects on attacks, but I could see this card being used in the right ally deck. Just got to make sure it gets through.

Tuff Enuff Rating 2.5/5
Da Krillin Monday-Team Work Kamehameha
WHY does this have a YAMCHA head shot..Krillin is closer in the view :-p

This card, being among the most powerful NRG attacks in the game...iz amazing... 'Energy Attack doing 10 life cards of damage, you must pay 4 stages with one of your allies to perform this attack' you'll find this card in most good ally decks...Juzz cuz it can do massive amounts of damage..and you don't even have to lower your MP...
S and TE Rating: 3.7
Judge Rich of AK Yo Judge Rich in the house. Just won 2 tournies up here, sorry for lack of  reviews.

M - Teamwork Kamehameha

You have to love the picture on this. Not to mention the damage it can do.  Hit your opponent with this and they will be sure to flinch. Try and get 3 of these for your ally deck ^_*. This works better in Tuff Enuff, as there are no DB or anger decks here.

Standard: 2/5

Tuff Enuff: 4/5....gotta love the massive damage.

AlterEgo Monday - Teamwork Kamehameha

Another great monday, another great card!

Today's card is Teamwork Kamehameha. One of the best
cards out there for ally decks, because of the high
damage factor, and it only costing 4 stages from an
ally to play! Imagine with Cooler as an ally with a
blue tokuiwaza, it would be 10 life cards, for FREE!
This card belongs in all ally decks. There's nothing
more i can say about this card, but if you get hold of
one, keep it and use it in an ally deck.
Standard & Tuff Enuff - 4/5
Chibi Teamwork Kamehameha

Just about anyone that owns this card puts it in there Ally deck. Not many energies can do 10 life cards of damage. The only downside of course being that you have to have an Ally in play, but most Ally decks have them before they'd draw this card.

In Standard, Ally decks aren't as common, and DB and anger tech usually replace this card. 3.0/5

In Tuff Enuff, Ally are played a lot more in general.  If your planning on having Allies out. This would be a good card to play. If your playing an Ally deck, and you're lucky enough to have this card, play it. 4.0/5
Jay Teamwork Kamehameha- This card is a huge energy
attack, but it can only be used by an ally who pays 4
power stages. Hmm, its pretty rare, so unless you can
get some you probley won't get this card. This card
is good if you can find them. 2.8/5

As for TE, this is a little better because allies help
a lot and it can OverKill, which is what you want to
do in TE. 3.2/5

Gohan's Nimbus Cloud- I like this card a lot, since
its energy combat, it can't be sphered, and you get to
draw a card. I think this card will be used a lot,
but a little more in TE. 3.3/5

TE, like I said, this card will work a little better
when people play those, CIT and DP. 3.5/5

Fatherly Advice- Ok, this card is supposed to be a
judge only card, right? When I went to worlds,
everyone and there mom had this card. O well, this
card is very very good. It can grab you a block if
you are getting beat down, or an attack that can lead
to a big combo. This card just lets you get anything
needed for any situation. Although, this card has
gotton a little worse with the introduction to West
Kai. All your opponent has to do is enter and west
kai it away. But, this card is still a must in almost
any deck. 4.5/5

TE- I think card stays about the same, even though it
can help overkill, it's very important in standard.

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