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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Red Duck

Cell Games


Reviewed May 30, 2002


Standard Rating: 2.35 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.50 (based on 2 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy

*tries to figure out why Red Duck* ~_o

oh well, who cares? ;-) I don't even remember who named this card or why it was named Red Duck but ever since it was made the jokes at the office haven't stopped, we even got an evil red ducky running around somewhere..... yes I know we have issues. -_-;

(Cds picked the cards this week IQ - Pojo)


Believe it or not the card's actually pretty ok, it stops a Physical and you can throw cards back into your life deck depending on how much anger you have. Granted there are better cards out there but you can't say "Quack" when you play them now can you? ;-D 

Rating 1.8

Tuff Enuff

The card is pretty much a red anger decks only but it's still cool as heck so you should play it, actually you want to play it, you know you do *insert
Jedi mind trick here*. The card might not be that great in Tuff Enuff but if you use it you get IQ cool points O_O yup, that's right ladys, gents and munkeyz for a limited time only you can earn IQ cool points.... all you have to do is play Red Duck and say "Quack" when you use it. Don't miss your chance because opportunities like this one don't come around often. ^,^ n_n ^_~

*waits for Pojosama to say "Quack"* ;-)

Rating 1.5

Note: IQ is a freaking weirdo <---- yes, that is an understatement : )

Last day of the week, and for alot of at least, last day of school!!!! ^_^
But sadly this is also my last review, for about 3 weeks that is...I will be going to Florida on vacation, and I dotn have access there to a cpu. Than I come back and go to camp..and no cpus there either..I hope I dont go crazy!! But I will be back to do more reviewing when I get back, to do more reviewing, when I get back!! o.O
Anyways now for the real review..todays card is Red Duck, this card is awesome!! A physical stopper that lets you shuffle your top 0-4 card in your discard pile into your deck! A card for each anger!! Pretty good IMO.
My rating for RD is 3/5.
Since you can only win by survival, shuffling cards back into your deck is always a good thing, so 0-4 cards back into your deck is awesome..did I mention that it stops a physical attack? So this card does two things, replenishes and ^_^
My rating for RD in TE is 3.5/5..
And this is the end of tK, for 3 weeks that is..farewell CotD readers..*sobb*
*Grabs glue and starts eating it*
Ok I feel a lil better now ^_^
Red Duck - Cell Saga

Stops a physical attack, raises your anger 1 and lowers your opponents anger 1. This is a pretty good card especially against other anger decks. Since anger decks go for nothing but anger victory theres very little they do about defense against other anger decks. So dropping them 1 anger while gaining you 1 can help you a little in gaining a lead. If you wanna gain leads though gokus dashing punch and gokus battle ready can give you a lead in the anger department.

Rating 2.0

Aw man, I end up not being able to do one of these for a while and this is the first one I get to review?  There's not really much I have to say about this card.  Red's got plenty of physical blocks, and this'd be an option if you don't want one which gives you anger.  The recycling is probably not going to be all that important, since recycle is anything but Red.  This isn't something that I'd try to keep out of decks, but it's not something I'd be too excited about including, either.

Rating: 2.5

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