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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

The Talking Ends Here

Frieza Saga


Reviewed May 21, 2002

This card is banned .. the COTD crew lets you know why.  

Standard Rating: 4.25 (based on 3 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.90 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
*looks at card* (+)_(+) *begins to shout* BROKEN!!! BROKEN!!! It's BROKEN I tell ya!!!

Sorry about that, initial reactions just got the best of me, it happens every now and then. ^_~ This card it's just amazinly strong and there are good reasosn why it's been baned.


A deck that most players didn't get to see was named "HIT ME" because the deck was a 50 card DB deck that packed 3 of this card and 1 Where There's Life There's Hope. The deck was prety simple to use, your goal was to get one or two of this 4 cards in play, protect them and let ur opponent hit ya til all u had left where the DB, then you activated one.... the secondone if need it and sayed good game. Very simple. This card was baned once the Score guys realized that a few of the players had finally seen the combo.... they just like to tease the players like that. >;~)

Rating 4.6

Tuff Enuff

Granted the main deck with this card was a DB deck but the card is still good in Tuff Enuff cuz with 3 copies of it you can just buy urself time even if your life decks gone and make a comeback.... I've seen it  before. A lot of the games in Tuff Enuff are usually really close and having something like this in play it's pretty much the game breaker.

Rating 3.8

The Talking Ends here - Freiza Saga
Why are we reviewing a banned card????? O_o? oh well. Its banned plain and simple. Stopping your opponent from winning until his next turn hurts. It gives you time to cancel his victory like DB victory. Giving you time to steal one of his dbs stealing his victory. Or just beat down their deck before you lose. Where theres life theres hope does the exact same thing this card does but it is LEGAL and is LIMIT 1 PER DECK. Consider putting a copy in your deck its Ultra Rare but its a great ultra rare considering the new victory cards.
Rating 3.9
Brian Valdez
Today being my 18th birthday, it is only fitting one of the most powerful cards ever created in the DBZ CCG be the COTD.  Even though I think This Too Shall Pass would be the optimum choice, The Talking Ends Here provides amazing tech and flexibilty.
In Standard play, TTEH is banned, so this card would get the lowest rating by default, however, if this card is viewed as if it wasn't banned, we will begin to see just how strong and BROKEN this card is.  The Talking Ends Here is one of those cards that can win games, many of the tech used in decks today usually buy more time, Talking Ends Here will buy time agaisnt any deck, garunteed, just as long as you can keep it in play.  Also, some cool tricks could be played with this..such as the "Suicide Dragonball" trick.  Basically, its a stroner version of the Ultra Rare, Where There's Life There's Hope, but instead, its a common.  It's one of those cards that makes you wonder if the company doesn't run drugtests on their employees, cause it seems like somebody was smoking something when this card was created.
Tuff Enuff
It's a bomb in Tuff Enuff too..if it were legal.  So normally it gets a rating of 1...but if it weren't banned...omg..alot of long games.  Anyways... almost as good in TE as it is in Standard

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