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Android 20 Main Personality

Standard Rating: 3.14 (based on 7 reviews) 
Tuff Enuff: 3.23 (based on 4 reviews)
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Friday, Android 20 - Cell Saga

This first thing that strikes me about Android 20 as a MP, is that his power stages don't do anything. When he gains a level, they don't increase. But, it's okay, because he has some cool powers. He wouldn't really help much as an ally, but he can do wonders as a MP. Nearly all of his powers do something extra if there are other personalities in play with "Android" in thier title. But if u know who ur up against, it's not even necessary to have any android allies (but it does help usually ~_n).

Android 20 works best in Orange or Black decks, using the old Trunks Saga masteries. But he's also cool in a red deck, get up to his HT level 3 and work that energy attack!! >_<

Level 1 rating: 3 outta 5
Level 2 rating: 3 outta 5
Level 3 (non-HT) rating: 3 outta 5
Level 3 HT rating: 4 outta 5
Overall rating: 3.25 outta 5

A Score Guy
Android 20

He's the big bad evil Android with Dr. Jero's brain... kinda disturbing in a freaky way if you ask me. ;-}


This Android doesn't really do much alone but once the other androids show up he becomes a beat stick. I'm still going half and halfon which of his level ones is the best on as a main personality cuz the Android Saga (AS) one can just go first turn I'll go grab A-18 and have a block in play for the remainder of the game. His Cell Saga (CS) version is a lil more offensive and pretty much has an energy attack for 6 because almost everyone is using A-18. I think he's aight but if his androids are not there to back him up he'll just run away and hide, kinda like Hercule..... Hercule-20 if you would. ~__~

Rating 3

Tuff Enuff

Keeping in mind that there's not much anger hate in this environment you might be able to go with the AS level 1 and eventually start ganing levels. You might even have some sort of big android team up thing going on cuz his level 2 and 3 powers are really good if you can get all the androids in play, but then again there's a lot of ally hate in TE so that can like hurt a lot... man. o_0

Rating 2.5

As an Ally 

This guy is a really good ally for in an android deck cuz his level 1 power can turn into a energy attack for 9 life cards O_O if that's not enough a a reason to play in as an ally I truly don't know what is. Besides his AS version can help you fish out the other allies... you could even get some weird android engine going on ^_<

Rating 3.5

Android 20 has so much potential it hurts. His ability to do more and more and more damage as he gets android allies into play is extremely powerful, but unfortunately Android 20 absolutely stinks if his attacks don't hit, with the exception of level 2 (you can modify unstoppable attacks). I like Android 20 in a red deck w/ the new mastery, because you can level up to his insane level 3 and deliver heavy damage, even without any allies in play. Also, since #18 is very popular these days, he gets a tiny benefit because any opponents that are androids help boost the strength of #20's attacks. HIs powers aren't as useless as #17, mainly cause of their strength. Great in sealed, OK in Tuff Enuff, but you won't see him much in standard. 

2.0 / 5

Some think that the only thing that A20 is goof for is ally decks which try to maximize the amount of androids in play. Those people are mostly right. ;) The two pays to go are to go with his new level 1, and generally just stay there and make your level 1 attack stronger. You could also play an anger deck with the AS level 1, and try to get a couple androids out with his power before leveling up and then taking advantage of their presence. 

When he gets a level 4, this strategy might get a little better cause you'll be able to play with a few of the level 2 androids which are pretty decent (17, 16, 19). Of course, you an make just an ordinary energy deck with 20 too, staying at level 1, maybe getting some android drills out. But where's the fun in that? Tuff Enuff, he might have an easier time gettin higher in level, and the allies might be even more effective. As an ally, AS 20 can be nice to get out other androids, or his energy might be nice.

Standard: 3/5
Tuff Euff: 3.5/5
As ally: 4/5

Personally I think Android 20 is an excellent personality for almost any environment currently. Not only does he count when figuring in damage with his new powers, but with the popularity of Android 18 decks, you get an added bonus. The only real problem here is managing to find a way to keep your stages high, the 1 PUR at Level 1 and 2 (2 PUR for TW) can be hard to swallow. In Tuff Enuff, 20 becomes better since the powers will add to your ability to damage your opponent. Stacking his power with Black Style and other cards really makes for quite a punch.

Standard: 3.7/5.0
Tuff Enuff: 3.9/5.0

Android 20 has a lot of potential. His power automatically does a minimum of 5 lifecards. He can get up to a big 9 life if all 5 Androids are in play. Set him in Orange with some power drills, and 3x Android Attack Drill and watch the lifecards fly. In my opionion A20's Level 1 is way better than his level 2. Don't even try gaining anger..unless you really like that level 3... Ahh yes, What an evil attack. Let's check the basic damage.

1,400,000 vs. 0 = 6. All 5 androids in play = +15 life... Wow. Physical attack doing 21 lifecards. Sounds like a Raditz Flying Kick. Hey where did those 3 Android Attack Drills come from? Stop the pain! Orange just doesn't have the anger.

Standard - 2.5/5
Tuff Enuff - 3/5


Android 20... what's there to say, he's probibly the strongest android, yet no one uses him. He is what i call, the orange ally personality. Lv1 + orange + android attack drills + allies = god. 

Lv2 + android attack drill + allies = god

Lv3 + allies + AAD = god. what more is there to say??

4/5 very nice.. very nice...

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