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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Android 18 Main Personality


Standard Rating: 4.25 (based on 5 reviews) 
Tuff Enuff: 4.58 (based on 3 reviews)
Images from
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Ah... Android 18. Everybody's favorite Femme Fatale! O_O Too bad, she's a lot like her brother. ~_o She, as well as Android 17 needs the car in play to do her real damage. But, she's not that bad without it either! 

Her level 2 power is especially good, practically putting a stop to any black decks, or any other deck that uses modifiers for that matter. >_< 
She's the only android that has a level 4 (for now >_<) so she's usually
seen in more red decks than others. She is easily played in other kinds
of decks, but again, if u have The Car in play, use her in a red deck!!!!! O_o

Level 1 rating: 2 outta 5
Level 2 rating: 5 outta 5
Level 3 rating (non HT): 3 outta 5
Level 3 HT rating: 3 outta 5
Level 4 rating: 4 outta 5
Overall rating: 4 outta 5

A Score Guy
Android 18

She's really good but players think she has a lot more power than she really does so let's look into that...


She's currently the dominant character and her AS version is not even bing touched. Players think her CS power is the most amazing thing in the world but I personally like her AS version a lot more. The ability to manipulate the top cards of your deck is coolbut it can be a huge head ache cuz common sense says get ridof the non-combat cards but wha happenswhne those
are really good non-combats? Do u take the attack ot block and risk losing the non-combat cards? Her Lv. 2 is aight but her Lv. 3 HT is really cool once the car hits play.

Rating 3.75

Tuff Enuff

This format is reall focused to just attacks and blocks and if you don't use the AS version here then you need some help cuz her power can be seen as a better Piccolo AS. If your opponents MP as an attack then here's your way to deal w/ it and it can also deal w/ attacks like Revellion and Villans True power which are some of those cards that cause overkills. I say having a block is better than dawing a card and trying to get the block ^_^

Rating 4.25 

As an Ally

She's ok and that's about it cuz her power is a defense shiled and if u ge hit before you can get to 0 or one above her power doesn't do much.... at all. You can try the A-20 AS MP and find ing her right away but gaining power stages makes her useless >,<

Rating 3

Android 18, the biggest controversy. Said to be broken by over half of the DBZ playing population. 

And believe me, until people find out her weaknesses, she will stay godly.

Lv1 - God. (to sum it up nicely) i give this level alone 5/5. NO more explanation needed

Lv2 - bah, junky compared to lv1.. :( 2/5

Lv3 - better, energy for 7, very nice, but still not as good as Lv1 :| 3/5

there's my 18 review, overall i give her a

3.5/5 (not a averaged score)

What is there to say for her? She's has the godliest power for any level 1 in the whole game. Her level 2 power is effective against physical deck and both her level 3 powers are modest too. She can be used effectively with any mastery (minus Saiyan and Namekian), but stay away from Trunks Saga Red Mastery version. Who wants to get off her level 1 power anyway?

Standard - 5/5
Tuff Enuff - 5/5


Android 18 is easily the best new personality in Cell Saga -- very easily.

Her level 1 power is amazing, and compliments any kind of deck except Saiyan and Namekian (she can't declare those tokui-wazas). Her level 2 shuts down physical decks to only base damage and her level 3 and 4 boast strong attacks. I forsee some great Android 18 hate in the future of the game, but as of now she is the best personality around, unless you run into some sharp players that are good at metagaming and know how to shut her down. She has been a little hurt by recent rulings in the game, but perhaps it's a good thing and people will begin to explore more deck ideas. Her level 1 power isn't even effected by Piccolo, The Trained, unless Piccolo attacks her and declares his power first.


Oh bittersweet irony, that the hotly contested Android 18 should pop up as one of the "cards" of the week. Many of us have claimed that her CS level 1 personality power is so powerful that it makes using other personalities far less feasible. Though she has a super cool level 2 HT, she doesn't have any level 1 power to get The Car out, and her level 3s are lame (4 is cool). So she's a mediocre anger character at best. In addition to her amazing CS level 1, her old AS level 1 is perhaps the best of that lot as well. I must give the personality a high rating, though normally I would subtract a point for being so mediocre at anger... but gotta make a point. 

Standard Rating: 5.5/5
Tuff Enuff Rating: 5.5/5


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