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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Android 17 Main Personality

Standard Rating: 3.00 (based on 6 reviews) 
Tuff Enuff: 3.75 (based on 3 reviews)
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Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Too bad we're not talking about the character of Android 17... I could have a lot to say. ~_n But his personality cards aren't that bad either. Android 17 has a lot of modifiers which can be devastating to ur opponent... but he does have one main draw back... if u don't have The Car in play, he's so hot. But, using his level 1 power to get The Car out, then having other cards to search for those nasty cards that remove non-combats, and voila! U have a killer deck! Android 17 seems to be made best for Black style decks, using the Trunks Saga Mastery, but he is playable in any deck. (Except for Saiyan and Namekian, duh! ~_o)

Level 1 rating: 4 outta 5
Level 2 rating: 4 outta 5
Level 3 rating (non HT): 3 outta 5
Level 3 HT rating: 2 outta 5
Overall rating: 3.5 outta 5

A Score Guy
Android 17

A-17 is just a cool character all around, he has long hair, cool attitude and hangs out w/ a cool chick and a guy w/ a red mohawk.... what else can you ask for? >_^ Anywayzz I like him as a character but I'll stop talking about how great he is cuz Kaioshin will do enough of that n_n


This guys really cool cuz he doesn't only deliver a beat down against your opponent w/ a Physical Attack doing +3 but he also "tutors" for the car and brings it into play. In my opinion this makes A-17 the last thing an ally deck wants to run into. In his Lv. 2 he can do Physical Attack doing +6 or a Energy attack doing 7 life cards if the car is in play. I like the HT for the Lv. 2 cuz life cards alwayzz hurt more than power stages. His Lv. 3 HT simply says draw 2 cards if the car is in play.... gota love that card drawing ^_^

Rating 4 out of 5

Tuff Enuff

In TE he gets even better cuz he can simply make those evil allies go away. TE is the one environment were allies are simply amazing when used the right way and this guy can stop those decks all by himself. Besides
when did the ability to tutor and get cards in play from your deck become a bad thing? >_^

Rating 4.25 out of 5

As an Ally

I personally think Piccolo is the best lly in the game cuz he's a Lv. 1 that can deal 6 life cards of damage, he can go into hero and villain decks and cuz he's green 0.o Anywayzz A-17 getz really close to matching Piccolo's power cuz granted he's only a villain but he's an ally that makes other allies better (A-18) and an ally that can eat up other allies (w/ the car) If he was a rogue like Piccolo he would so get a 5 but nobody's perfect right? 0_o

Rating 4.5 out of 5 

Android 16.. The big machine, in this case, most associate him with Black... His Lv1 power, good, you get a card advantage without drawing extra cards. 

Second level.. Not bad, could be better, Then there's Lv3, personally, my favorite Level 3 in the game, yes, better than vegeta's. Turning that 12 life card energy into 3 life cards... godly, just if anger didnt stink so much right now i'd use him.. Overall 16 is a really good personality, and i dont know why more people dont use him.

Regular - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 4/5

Android 17 1-3 +HT


Lvl. 1 2.5/5
Lvl. 2 3/5
Lvl. 3 3/5
Lvl. 3 HT 2/5

Well 17 loves his car. Score made it well known that 17 loved cars. But anyway. He has a bad PUR like all androids. His level 1 is a physical attack and lets you search for the car for free. As his levels progress as long as the car is in play his attacks have some nice bonuses. His level 3 HT is pretty sweet too. Draw a card and if the card is in play draw another card. Id rather use the non ht lvl. 3 since its an energy attack for 6 life cards and 3 power stages if the car is in play but it depends on your deck and your style. Overall he needs to go up in levels to use his full potential. Staying at level 1 isn't a good choice for him. As he goes up in levels his attacks get stronger and he gets stronger power levels as well. He will work nicely in a red tokui-waza deck.

As I said in my The Car review, Android 17 is the best personality with The Car. The Car is a nice recyclable anti-ally card and fits nicely into Android 17 decks. The majority of Android 17 decks out in the playing field are Android 17 New Red. There are a few Android 17 Old Black, but New Red is the majority, and possibly the best color that fits Android 17. You want anger, but not alot. Each of Android 17's Levels are better as you go higher, unlike some Androids we know. His level 2 power, Non-HT is the best in my opionion. Physical attack doing +6 (provided you have the car in play) and possibly doing more if you're playing Red can easily send your opponent down to 0 powerstages. He's a pretty fun personality to play with and got me 2nd place at the prerelease.

Standard - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 3/5

Android 17 is a very very very odd personality. He seems to thrive in Tuff Enuff play, where The Car is actually useful because people turn from anger hate to ally hate. He does get a little better as he levels, but my major beef with his starter deck personalities is that they all are just attacks....nothing with any great secondary effects, or even anything that strong. He works best with the new red style mastery and a compliment of anger, but aside from that, he just plain stinks.

1.5 / 5

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