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Blue Elbow Drop
Card Number: 143
Card Type: Physical Combat
Rareness: 5
Power: Physical attack doing 1 life card of damage. If successful, and the top card of your opponent's discard pile is not a physical attack, your opponent discards the top 5 cards from his Life Deck.
Character: Piccolo
Quote: Nothing can stop me now!
Saga: Cell
Standard Rating: 1.56 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 1.67 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Blue Elbow Drop CS 143

This card is an average card. There are 2 major problems though, which can either be considered offensive bonuses, or defensive bonuses (if you're on the receiving end of the attack). #1, the attack is mega weak. One life card of damage is not much. The 5 cards your opponent discards from the if successful effect aren't damage, only discards, so blue cradle drill and Frieza is Ready won't work against it (once cradle drill gets re-worded). 

But the randomness is crummy. After the 1 life card of damage, you get to see if the card you trashed is a physical attack or not, then the +5 is assessed. It is an OK card, but i'd rather use something like Blue Right Cross or Blue Energy flight that does a guaranteed 6 life cards of damage if they hit.

Rating: 1.75/5

A Score Guy
Monday - Blue Elbow Drop, CS 143, Rare

This card is rather interesting... I've sat down way too many times and tought about it, then the pain kicks in and I have to stop. For some reason trying to think usually brings evil headaches ~_~;


This card has alwayz buged me cuz it's a physical that would usually deal 6 life cards if succesful and it makes your opponent think twice about wasting their one Physical block on a card that might just deal 1 life card. The bad thing about the card is that it can only deal 1 life card. Play it against an energy attack deck and watch them laugh at ya >< The card can be a big mind game but is not consistant.

Rating 1.5

Tuff Enuff

This card get a lil better here cuz there can't be TE w/o all those physical attacks going around, but this card will never get ya an over kill and is still not very consistant and there are simply better cards out there. I might even take a physical attack doing +1 over this card cuz that + can make a huge difference.

Rating 1.51 (when I said it got a lil better I meant it >_^)

This card is OKAY, but there are tons that are better. There's no strategy involved with it. Hell, you can't even steal dragonballs with it. I think I used 1 in a blue deck once but it's a bit to plain. Stick using Blue Right Cross.

Standard - 1.5/5
Tuff Enuff - 2/5

Aik Tongtharadol
Physical attack doing 1 life card, and if successful potentially 5 more damage...not too bad, but not great. This card is better in Sealed or Booster Draft formats because of the mostly random cards placed in decks.

In constructed and Tuff Enuff, the environment isn't always overloaded with physical attack decks which makes this card's deck value go down. Not to mention the additional discards are if successful. It's got a nice twist, but overall it won't find much play.

Standard: 1.5
Tuff Enuff: 1.5

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