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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Make A Wish



Reviewed June 27, 2002


Standard Rating: 2.88 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.63 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
This card's interesting, 0.o it allows you to throw 3 DBs back in to get 10 cards from your discard pile into your life deck, you can bounce your opponent's DBs that you have stolen but besides that you have to get rid of 3 DBs you control.


I can see this card working really well with the Dende DBs because if you bounce DB 5, 3, and 7 then you get to use their wonderful powers again and you get 10more cards in your life deck. The thing is that to make this card consistent you have to be runing all 7 DBs and that means you'll probably be shoting for the the DB victory and using a card like this one would only be pedaling backwards. All in all the card's pretty decent but it hurts you a bit too much because when going for a DB victory 10 life cards is not worth sacrificing 3 DBs. :-(

Rating 1.5

Tuff Enuff

Like I said before, to make this card consistant you have to be shoting for the DB victory, in TE you can't win by DB so..... this card's like not that great in this format. You can still run all 7 DBs and try to gain 10 whole life cards back but in an environment this fast that's so not worth it.

Rating 1

Thursday : Make A Wish

An amazing card for retrieval decks saving 10 cards is a huge benefit, and in addition, its not restricted, so u can have 3 of them in your deck. with db decks too, it has some benefits, allowing you to shuffle your dbs back into your decks to use their powers again, or just to survive a few more turns, since u end up with at least 13 more cards in your deck (3 are dbs).

This card is less useful in TE because you wont see db's as much.

Standard 4

TE 3.5

I really like this card, it gives DB decks something interesting and fun to strive toward. In fact, with this card, you could play with a DB deck in a Tuff Enuff competition. Whether the setup required will justify the power of the card remains to be seen as we see what people can do with it... I expect some viable decks will be built, but not too many.

Standard: 3

Tuff Enuff: 2.5

Make a Wish - IR Promo

Hm not a bad card at all. It does have a small requirement but nothing hard to achieve. Control 3 dragon balls of the same set then shuffle them back into each others respected decks and then you can shuffle back 10 cards into your life deck. This can be pretty helpful in decks that don't have much recycling like black or orange. Its not that helpful in decks like namekian or saiyan since one recycles like crazy while the other one doesn't care at all about recycling. This card is only available in random dbz toys from the newest series of toys. So it may be a little hard to get your hands on 3 of these. But hey if you like playing dbs you should add in 1 or 2 if you don't care for winning DB Victory. Adding back 10 or 20 cards can seriously make a difference in some games.

Rating 3.0

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