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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Cell's Instant Transmission

Androids Saga


Reviewed June 17, 2002


Standard Rating: 3.07 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.83 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Some people love this card, other's dont. It is best used when your deck revolves around a specific battleground/location, or when you play different ones and you need one for a specific situation fast. It's Cell only, so that drops its rating a good point. The major problem is, it only can search for one -- it can't remove a battleground/location from play if you don't have any left. It's the only location searcher in the game (except for cards like Blue Terror), so it gains some ground there.

Rating : 3.0

In TE, this card is pretty good. You can get that City In Turmoil out really fast -- if you're Cell.

Rating : 3.25

cells instant transmission

The card has a lot going for it.. the ability to search for a battleground is pretty much unique in dbz right now, so its a major plus, since its such a huge benefit to players, and to be able to use it during your non-combat step just makes it all the more powerful.. the only catch is that you have to be cell to use it.. which drops its versitility quite a bit. I would only consider using this card if youre cell, and you need to grab locations.

Standard 3.3

TE 3.3

Cells Instant Transmission - Cell Games

Okay why does cell get this first before goku gets one? i mean cell jacked this technique from goku. =/ Anyway this card is your answer to getting your location or battleground fast. Its cell only so that does decrease this cards playability. This card can work wonders. Your opponent puts out a location then you draw three and you draw Cells instant transmission and screw over any plan they might have had. The nice thing about this card is that it can be used in combat or during your non-combat phase and you don't have to skip combat. This is pretty effective in cell red decks. Getting out CIT is one key for red decks and with 4 of these and 3 CIT you wont have a problem at all getting it out. This card wont get such a high rating cos its only usable by cell which sucks. But only cell and goku know instant transmission so :P

Rating 2.0
Ah...sorry I have been gone so long, but now I'm back and still playing black....the TS one ;)
Today's card is Power of the Dragon, it lets you get an ally from your deck or discards, and than it puts all your opponets DBs back in their deck! The second part of this card is what I like. If anyone is like me, and checks out what types of decks usually win tournaments in standard, most of the time, theyre all DB Victory decks!! Now in Standard, I reccommend packing one of these in your deck.
PotD's rating in Standard is 4/5
This card really sux0rs in this format, pretty much it only gives you an ally. Even if you put the DBs back, it wont stop them from anything unfortunatly. So...uh..ya.
Rating for PotD is 2/5
~tK, eats glue.

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