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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Frieza Smiles

Cell Games


Reviewed June 10, 2002


Standard Rating: 2.89 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.33 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
I still remember when this card used to be in every deck, back in the days before Masteries had even been made and no one had an idea of a Tokui-Waza was. The card was great back then but now Focused attacks make this card lose a lot of power.


The card is pretty amazing, it used to be one of those wonderful "kill" cards that you could rely on to stop your opponent from touching you while you pulled off your combo. Now there's so much that can simply get around it, the Trunks saga gave us Trunk's Energy Sphere and Cell Games has brought a lot of Focused attacks that can get around this card. In my opinion the card used to be good back then but it's nowhere near what it used to be. :-(

Rating 2.7

Tuff Enuff

In this format there are even more cards that can get around it because we have all of the Smackdowns and moreplayers use Gohan's Kick in this format. The card can still save you and maybe even be the game breaker but there are a lot of cards that can get around it or stop it. >,<

Rating 2.3

Frieza Smiles - Frieza Saga

Well this was a nice card till the release of gohans kick. This card is almost similar to cells defense but with the exception that it has to be the first card used from your hand. But if they start the combat with gohans kick >_< . Anyway this card is pretty good. Using it stops all of your opponents and your physical attacks or energy attacks. And after using them you can play foreboding evidence and shuffle them all back into the deck for later use. This card can save you but its not a card i would rely on since it can be sphered and gohans kick can turn it into crap.

Rating 2.0
A versatile and powerful defense, this card is especially valueable in decks that do not have many attacks of their own that need to go through. If you're doing say, a physical attack deck, then you would almost never want to use Frieza Smiles to block all physicals; you'd therefore be better off with something to just block all energies. Though weekened with the introduction of Gohan's Kick, it is strengthened by new victories that will need nice defenses like this one.

Standard: 3.8

Tuff Enuff 4.2

Frieza Smiles has always had a following. Some people absolutely love it, and others don't. It can be very powerful, as it is NOT removed from the game and can stop either all energies or physicals. But, the 3 big downfalls (sphereable, stops your attacks, and must be first card) really detriment its value. Personally, I've never used this card, but it's pretty good fundamentally that I wouldn't be surprised using it in a new decktype in the future.

Rating : 3.0

In Tuff-Enuff, this is an OK card, cause it can really hurt those "rush" saiyan decks. Also, it is great for DV decks, as they really don't rely on attacks at all. 

Rating : 3.5 (depends on what you're playing)

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