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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Where There's Life There's Hope

Trunks Saga


Reviewed Aug 2, 2002


Standard Rating: 4.46(based on 5 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.60 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Hmm ... Haven't heard from IQ in a couple of days.

Maybe he's en route to the Pokemon World Championships in Seattle this weekend?  

Nah .... Though he is a pretty dang good Pokemon Player.  My chance to embarrass IQ.     :-D 

Did any of you guys ever see this photo of IQ making Top 4 at the Pokemon STS in New Jersey in 2000?  That's IQ shaking hands with Dark Master Trainer Mike of WOTC.  IQ ... you look like you're ready to axe someone off in the audience.     

At least you're sporting a cool Pojo Hockey Jersey IQ.  I think I need to get you a new one!  - Bill


Notice one thing here: the common card which does basically the same thing, The Talking Ends Here, is banned.  That should tell you that this card is overly powerful that only escaped banning because of its rarity.  This is the key card that suicide Earth DB decks are based on, waiting for the opponent to try killing him, then pulling this stunt to fetch out all the Dragon Balls, since that'd make up the rest of the deck.  Fortunately, the rarity of this card is probably what keeps this deck type so unpopular, but the ability to stop a loss for any number of turns is just asking for insane combo potential.  I know there was some really big combo in Tuff Enuff that it was able to pull off until there was errata on it, but I don't know what that was.

Anyway, though I'm personally clueless to whatever you could do with this card, stopping a loss for any amount of time is just too good to pass up in any tournament, especially if you play non-survival.

S: 4.7     TE: 4.5

Rich B. Friday: WTLTH:

This card can do many things, including get your hopes up only to have them dashed apart. It can give you a chance to "get it together" and win, while your opponent has to wait. This card is best used in the end game, when both players have barely any cards left. To do this, you have to rejuvenate it, constantly perhaps. Orange and Blue Decks will kill this card with Blue Betrayal and Orange Staredown, so keep this card for later against them. 

Black, Saiyan, and Red decks, have next to no anti-non combat. Put it out against them. This card is a good partner of Foreboding evidence and Its Just Not Worth It. Its Just Not Worth it and WTLTH = possible 3 turns survival against DB's or anger. This card isn't effective in Tuff Enuff, since it can't protect you against overkill victory (Once you are overkilled, you are already OUT of the tournament).

Standard: 4/5

Tuff Enuff: 1/5

The coveted Where There's Life There's Hope. The miniature Talking Ends Here. Most decks run one of these, if they can get their hands on them. It's an unwritten law that all non-CIT DB Decks should run 1 of these. Why? Because if you get down to 0 life cards and use one of these, you'll just draw your DBs and win. It's a very good card. It has won me games. It has lost me games. It loses a little bit of value in Tuff Enuff but by no means should you still not play it. Yes, it is truly worthy of an Ultra-Rare. I will say that it is the best Ultra-Rare out there right now. So if you can get your hands on one, use it.

Standard - 4.7 -- Woooo those Dragon Ball decks love this card. Alot.

Tuff Enuff - 3.5 -- Not a pushover by any means, but just not as effective.


Where theres life theres hope - Trunks Saga

Hmm. Well i cant say much about this card cos we reviewed the talking ends here and this card is similar. On the other hand. This card is a may be difficult to find since it is an Ultra Rare card from the trunks saga. Not me though i pulled 2 :P. Anyway this card is nice in any deck. It can hold off dragons victory or backlash wins for a turn at least. Hopefully you can win before the effects of wtlth runs out. It will not cancel backlash though which sucks. But it can cancel dragons victory if you gain or lose anger before the effects of wtlth is gone which can be helpful. This card doesn't need to be in EVERY deck but it is a nice card to have in your deck.

Note: I shall be at tuff enuff championships hope to see there! Good luck as well!

Rating 4.3
DaKrillin Friday - Where There's Life There's Hope (TS)

This is probably one of my favorite cards (after my Foil Krillin, the Mighty 
and Krillin redemption level 2 HT 0_o) of course I don't own one due to the 
fact that it's an Ultra Rare :(

This card is amazing, it prevents your opponent from winning in any way 
what-so-ever, what's bad about that? Of course you have to be able to 
defeat your opponent somehow before he/she is able to go again. So if you 
have a horrible card draw on your turn, and have a bad hand when this come 
into effect, all you're doing is prolonging the inevitable. Another thing about this card is the fact that it's a Non-Combat card, so it can easily be destroyed by Gohan Meditates (which I now believe is a staple in all decks), 
Blue Betrayal, Orange Destruction Drille etc.,

Rating: 4.6

Tuff Enuff
This card is still amazing.. like if you're playing a Saiyan deck and 
they've activated 2 Whose Da Mans, and 3x Saiyan Offensive Rush, and then you activate this card..they won't be able to touch ya 0_o (if you have the right amount of cards left in yer deck) so you won't be overkilled, and 
hopefully you will have good card draws (or cards like Goku's Ready) and 
people to kill your opponent before they kill you. I think it's just as good in this environment as it is in the Standard environment

Rating: 4.6

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