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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


City in Turmoil

Android Saga


Reviewed July 31, 2002


Standard Rating: 3.72 (based on 6 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.28 (based on 5 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
I love the way this card looks in foil, it just looks so cool and stuff. ^.^ Anyway, not many munkeyz know this but the image from this card came from Red Dueling Drill, card # 73 from the Android Saga. Just look at the far right side and you'll see what I'm talking about. ^,<


This card is the reason why Orange and many other decks out there started using Land in Pain, this Battleground is just so great and that darn powerful. O.O If you're going for pure beatdown and not packing many or any Non-Combat cards there's no reason why you shouldn't play this Battleground. It takes out Orange decks and gives Dragonball decks a nice headache, besides it's alwayz funny to make your opponent Caught Off Guard this card. >;~)

Rating 3.4

Tuff Enuff

In this format the card is still pretty good but since there aren't many Non-Combat cards here I would take a Dying Planet over it but that's just me. I think the best thing this card can do for you in this format is cancel off your opponent's Frieza's Ready but that's about it cuz there aren't even enough Orange decks in this environment to make this card worth your while.


Rating 2

Could there possibly be any better location or battleground?  Maybe Dying Planet and some others depending on decks, but this has the most use out of all of them.  Saiyan decks particularly love this card, since they have few Non-Combats to use at all, and this will paralyze a great many players, including Dragon Ball and/or Orange decks.  Even anger decks will love this card despite that it stops Enraged and similar, simply because it protects them from the ever-looming ANT (anger negation trio): Goku's Heart Disease, Severe Bruises, and Awful Abrasions.  In standard, this thing has a huge use, and should be included with 3 copies if you use it at all.  In Tuff Enuff, it's not quite as powerful, since there's less Non-Combat use (less stasis and anger), but it still can hault any decks that rely on drills or power-ups.

S: 4.5     TE: 3.9

Wednesday - City in Turmoil (AS)

I loved this card when it came it, it was my favorite battleground, then i realized it was more of a annoyance than groundbreaking (unlike Dying Planet ^_^) but it is definitely a favorite in anger and black, and saiyan decks, to help cut off those non-combats orange and namekian decks use. Its worth running if you can make it work in the deck. ^_^

Reg - 3/5
TE - 3/5

Ahhh the infamous City in Turmoil. For me, this is the most annoying Battleground because so many decks run Non-Combats these days. I really hate to run Battlegrounds in decks though. They are bait to one simple card: Land in Pain. But this battleground is special and I ran three of them myself at Nationals earlier this month in Chicago. They performed quite well...until they were discarded. Hrhr. Back to the point, it's a good card for Standard for all those silly dragonball decks but loses value in Tuff Enuff for the lack of non-combats people use. They are more likely to use attacks. Either way, it's still a great card.

Standard - 4/5
Tuff Enuff - 2/5


City In Turmoil - This card was so undiscovered back at Gencon 2001 that it would've been a detriment to everyone if i made Top 16...but lets talk about the card. Pretty much, if you get this to stick, most Dragonball and Orange decks are in big trouble, because they tend to run off the table. But there's lots of ways around this card now. More locations have been released and now every archetype can run them. There's Cell's Instant Transmission and Land In Pain (also Run Away, but who the hell uses that), Caught Off Guard Drill and some could even go as far to say Straining Hand Blast Move. I think its a wise choice to handle most low-grade DB decks and Orange decks, but as the playskill increases, so does the ability to deal with this card. 

Rating : 3.5/5

In Tuff Enuff, you will see this card...ALOT. It wrecks DV, and anything else that runs off the table. Its the perfect location for those pesky Cell Physical Beatdown decks, and some interestingly built Backlash decks. The card is not worth as much in TE, but it is definetly more used. 

Rating : 2.25/5



City in Turmoil - AS

One of the best locations in the game. This card is a lock down for those huge noncombat decks filled with drills and such. This card can control the board in your favor if you get it out fast or get it out when your opponent has all his non-combats set up. You gotta have some kind of board control and this one can do just that. You may still wanna add in those gohans meditates, blue betrayals and such though. Since its a battleground, land in pain can discard this card in play and in all life decks. Overall its a battleground that hurts everyone cos all decks have at least 6-10 non-combats. Non-combats are just that good :D but some players just abuse non-combats like crazy so city in turmoil is just devastating to orange decks especially.

Rating 3.9

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