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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Gohan Meditates

Cell Games Preview


Reviewed July 24, 2002


Standard Rating: 3.40 (based on 5 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.06 (based on 5 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Gohan Meditates eh? If you ask me in that pic it doesn't really look like he's meditating, the name of the card should be more like Gohan Crusin' or
something like that. ^_^

(Pojo Note:  I agree IQ!  I think he's flying to Orange Star High School.  Don't these guys from Score watch the show?  ;-)


More and more decks are starting to use this card because there's almost alwayz a good use for it because there's alwayz a Non-Combat card siting out there that has just been giving ya funny looks or your opponent has more anger than you want him to. When it comes to Non-Combat removal is not as good as Saiyan Battle Terms or Focusing is Everyrhing but if you're a
villan w/ a Non-Saiyan TW this is just about the best Non-Combat removal you can use. Besides your opponent can alway prepare for the Non-Combat cards that remove his Non-Combat cards because they'll usuakky sit on
the table for a while before you use them, but this card is a Combat card that when they lease expect it it can discard they're Goku's Capturing Drill or their Orange Focusing Drill. :-)

Rating 3.5

Tuff Enuff

As much as I like this card is simply just not as good in TE because you don't really care about anger in this format. The card still works well in Namekian decks because they can recover this card pretty quickly but that's about it. :-(

Rating 2.3 

Hm... I think this card is also a nice addition to the game, but it doesn't compare to Orange Stare Down or Blue Betrayal.  The only reason I consider it nice is because it's Combat (allowing return potential) and freestyle, so it goes in any deck.  If you really need to, you can take out any Non-Combat you want, whereas some restrict you to drills.  This can be handy since, though drills are very deadly in the right hands, Non-Combats are just as deadly, and anger decks would love to include this.  DB decks could take out Black Water Confusion Drill or Breakthrough Drill for Earth.  However, anger and DB decks don't really have much to target that hurts them except drills, which makes other cards more worthwhile in them.

S: 2.4     TE: 3

Gohan Meditates, the new staple card in every deck.  This card, i must say, is probibly the most useful card in Cell Games, of course aura clash is there too, but you'll find this being played more.  Anti-anger and anti-non-combat in the same card, crazy awesome.. there's nothing like it, easily pullable, easily recycleable, perfect against Db decks (as long as they dont sphere it ;D)

Reg - 4/5
TE - 4/5


Gohan Meditates - Cell Games

Gohan meditates is one of those well needed cards. If you don't declare orange or blue tokui-waza you don't get to use those killer cards, Blue Betrayal and Orange Staredown. This is a very good substitute card. Its a combat which can be sphered but theres only 3 spheres so gohan meditates will get through sometime. Non-Combat removal is needed. Getting rid of cards like frieza is ready or saiyan inspection can make all the different. All around it is a really good card. But if you play orange or blue you wont need this card since blue betrayal/orange staredown are WAY better cards than this.

Rating 3.2

Tuff enuff this card doesn't get much better. Tuff enuff don't care for anger but getting rid of frieza is ready is still needed. So if you don't have any noncombat removal you can splash this card in for good measure.

Rating 3.0
Black and Namekian players alike rejoiced when they first laid eyes upon this card. That is because Namekian and Black are the two colors that have little removal. Too bad Gohan Meditates doesn't remove the non-combat from the game, but then again, I'm also happy it doesn't because you can discard your own non-combats if you need to recycle them. You'll see most Namekian and/or Black decks running at least 2 of these. Gohan Meditates is better in standard than Tuff Enuff because you gotta worry about anger decks more, plus you see more ugly DB decks rearing their non-combats out in play. 

Standard - 4/5

Tuff Enuff - 3/5


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