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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Future Gohan



Reviewed July 19, 2002


Standard Rating: 2.93 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.55 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Got arm?

heh heh... gota love hearing Future Gohan's voice actor say that when you ask him to sign this card, it's just greatnezz. ^.^


Future Gohan is just like all the crazy Saiyans, they just wana beat ya down with all sorts of attacks and stuff. That's not really bad but in standard you need to be able to outplay your opponent because if you
can't then you'll lose. Players think the only way to beat a dragonball deck is to play on yourself but my friends that's so very wrong, it just depends on how well you can play and you have to know what you're doing.

Rating 2.7

Tuff Enuff

In TE he gets a lot better because you can use Aura Clash and Are you TE??? to reach your level 3 and apply all sorts of beatdown. His level 3 is pretty musg the CS Saiyan Style Mastery in a bottle and can you imagine how many cards you can get in your hand w/ Gohan at level 3 and that mastery in play? Just watch out for siwwy Combat enders. >,<

Rating 2.9

Future Gohan - CCPP

Lvl. 1 - Stops the first unstopped physical attack and you can have 2 of the same saiyan drill in play. Not to bad you can toss out 2 saiyan power drills and add a +4 to all your attacks. But it is a pain to be getting out drills to just do +4 more. Id rather use cell or goku for the extra punch
Rating 2.0

Lvl. 2 - Not to bad of a power. Everything does +2 power stages and when drawing a card for the mastery if its saiyan draw another card. But if you don't wanna go through the hassle of putting anger cards or aura clash in your deck goku cs can do the same thing. Except for the +2 power stages. Its almost worth it though.
Rating 3.0

Lvl. 3 - Now heres a power that truly kicks. All your attacks do +2 power stages, Draw a card when entering combat and any successful attacks can not be prevented. That means in plain English NO ENDURANCE. Not like endurance is such a huge deal right now but it maybe in future releases so future Gohan Lvl. 3 might just be a sleeper till the next sagas are out. His power is truly great for saiyan decks though but again you gotta waste the space putting in anger cards and/or aura clashes.
Rating 3.6

Final Rating 3.3
Will Mimbs Card of the Day-Future Gohan


Tuff Enuff:4

His Lv.1 power is O.k. It's always nice to have a guraunteed block and two Saiyan drills out! He also has nice powerstages. His Lv.2 is awesome! Higher Power stages, and P.U.R. plus all of your physicals do +2 powerstages AND you get to draw an extra card into your hand. I your running the Trunks Saiyan Mastery, you can have 6 cards in your hand! 7 with Vegeta Quickness Drill. His Lv.3 is awesome too! Higher P.S.'s and PUR plus, all of your physicals do +2 still and you get to draw an extra card again. But this time your any damage from a successful physical attack cannot be prevented (Ha, Orange Halting Drill)!

-Will M.

DBM Future Gohan:
Lots of people are turning to Future Gohan as an alternative to the 
all-too-cliche Cell. His high power stages are good for laying the 
smackdown, and he comes with a defense shield on level 1 which lets you 
forego a slight physical defense. I think the most interesting power is the 
fact that he can have 2x of any saiyan drill in play on level 1.....meaning 
you can use 2x of the defense shields, stopping the first 3 physical attacks 
and the first 2 energy attacks every combat, and chalk on a +4 to all your 
physicals from saiyan power drills. HIs level 2 gives you a constant +2, and 
if you draw a saiyan style card w/ your mastery (or as the 1st card w/ CS 
Mastery), you get another one. I think that's all fine and dandy until you 
draw yourself out. His level 3 scares me the draw a card, all 
your phys do +2, he's got a 2,450,000 PL, and all of your attacks are 
unpreventable!!!! O_O (If anyone is missing the point, that means no 
endurance). I still think saiyan isn't the way to go in the current standard 
environment, but to each his own, and if you're gonna go that route, F. Gohan 
is a good choice.

Rating : 3.0/5

In Tuff Enuff, he gets much better, because you will freely Aura Clash/Are 
You Tuff Enuff without worry to his great level 3. You can even try a little 
Saiyan Energy beatdown here. Much better than in standard.

Rating : 3.75/5

Hawk hey, here's my ft. gohan review, and btw, i havent been getting the cotd's on-time people have been having to forward them to me, please make sure i get it on time :D..

future gohan is the butt kicker of the CCPP personalities.  The only one that can even handel Slug Recycling/Enduro decks, His lv3 is god, damage cant be prevented (no endurance for j00!) and His Lv2 is great also, makes u kind wanna play saiyan again ^_^.  His Lv1.. when i saw this i thought.. eww... then i realized.. hey.. u can easily start a new saiyan type.. saiyan drill, sounds decent to me ;D.  

Regular - eh.. decent unless u can clash up.. 2.7/5

tuff Enuff - heck ya! great personality for TE 3.5/5

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