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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Red Style Mastery

Image from

Red Style Mastery
Card Number: 131
Card Type: --- None ---
Rareness: 5
Power: When entering Combat, you may remove the top card from your discard pile from the game to have all of your physical attacks do +1 power stage of damage for the remainder of Combat. If that card is a Red Style card, all of your physical attacks do +3, instead.
Character: Goku
Saga: Cell
Standard Rating: 2.91 (based on 7 reviews) 
Tuff Enuff: 3.75 (based on 4 reviews)
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If there's one card that caught everyone by surprise, it's the power of the new Red Style Mastery. This makes red style one of the most dangerous styles in the game for a not-so-obvious reason. #1, it's the only style that has two REALLY good masteries, and #2, it shouts to your opponent "dont get hit by physicals". Attacks like Cells HT power that would normally only do 3 stages to a stronger personality now do a possible 6. Plus, your opponent will do everything he can to hold those physical blocks, so perhaps you can sneak some energy attacks in. With cards like Red Shattering Leap, Red Power Rush, and Red Knee Bash, this new mastery is some SERIOUS power -- I see no downside to this at all, as long as you're not going for MPP victory.

Rating: 4.25/5



Hmm... the new Red Style Mastery is one of the better ones, but for a Red Style fan, most still like to go with the old one. The new one has it's advantages, though,... the one I like the best is it's imitation of the old Black Style... As I always say, if u can do the damage... DO IT!! >_<

Final Rating: 3.5 outta 5


Well, this isnt the best thing to happen to red, red has been anger, and most likely will stay anger.. until now. This mastery changes red into the new saiyan, sure, not as many draws, but a +7 physical, and raising anger, all too good. It's a great addition to red. Not exactly great for tourney play yet, but it's a good turn.

Standard - 3/5

Tuff Enuff - 4/5

A Score Guy

Red Style Mastery


In the Trunks saga it was Goku with the Red Style Mastery and in the Cell Saga it appears to all about Cell HT Lv.1 and this Mastery. The Mastery is good but it doesn’t fit Red that well because this deck just wants to stay on its Lv. 1 the entire game. It kinda makes you think if you should use Saiyan or Red for a Physical base deck doesn’t it?

Saiyan gives you card drawing and if you just like it because of the modifier then you should be playing the old Black Mastery. I still believe the card will be amazing once players start building Red and anger beatdown decks but until that happens this card will not be played at its full potential 0_o

2.75 out of 5

Tuff Enuff

What does this card gain in the Tuff Enuff environment? There’s less anger hate but the players still need to realize that anger + physical beatdown = good stuff. I have seen some players use this mastery really well in Tuff Enuff tournaments so there’s still hope ^_^

3 out of 5

Trunks the Swordsman Red Style Mastery - Rating 4.0

Ah. One of the best masteries in cell saga. Removing the top card of your discard pile from the game all your physical attacks do +1 power stage or +3 if it was a red style card. This gives red decks another way of winning if your opponent plays anti-anger. Beat them down with huge physical attacks. Since most red style attacks already do + damage this just makes red attacks more powerful. Android 18's level 2 stops red decks cold though. Since her power only allows you to do base damage. So that means no plus damage. Keep her at level 1 to keep that nasty power away.

Brian Valdez
Cell Saga's Red Style Mastery isn't nearly the gamebreaker as Trunk Saga's Red style mastery, but gives a nice alternative to the "Newbie Haven" red anger decks are. Right now, red isn't capable of doing this mastery justice, but I have a feeling Red will be given a bit more in the Cell Games, not on par with what Blue got in the Cell Saga, but an improvement nonetheless. Well, I've been nice about this one as long as I can...time to rate it...


The two Red Style Masteries from Trunks Saga and Cell Saga were the most diverse. They don't function the same in anyway what-so-ever. But getting caught at a bad time against a Goku CS Red Mastery deck with Expectant Trunks's and Fatherly Advice. You just got run over by a herd of elephants my friend. Red Mastery hurts. It hurts alot. Red Shattering Leap no longer does +4. It can do +7, and even more with the right combonations! 

TWO TIMES IN COMBAT O_o. Too bad there are a ton of cards that stop physical attacks. Now we just need Orange..when entering combat remove top discard...+3 for energy attacks...::shivers:: Very strong Mastery.

Standard - 3/5

Tuff Enuff - 4/5

In my opinion, the second best of the new masteries... Up until this mastery came around, pretty much the only aspect of red that was used was anger. it was the uncontested style of deck used with red. however, red style has a lot of physical beatdown cards.. and this new mastery does help to accent this idea a lot, and allows the style to have a fresh new approach to deckbuilding

The power of this mastery is in physical attacks. Its basically a powered up version of King Kai's Thoughts... +1 to all physicals every turn regardless  as long as u remember to remove the top card, and +3 if its red. Cards like red lifting kick and red shattering leap go from +6 and +4+4 respectively to +9 and +7+7 respectively... thats a huge attack bonus.. the only loss is to be removing cards from the game, but if youre playing red, you should be used to that already.

Standard: 3.8/5

Tuff Enuff: 4.3/5

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