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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Tien's Tri-Beam

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Tien's Tri-Beam
Card Number: 91
Card Type: Energy Combat
Rareness: 3
Power: Energy attack doing 2 life cards of damage. Stays in play to be used 2 more times this Combat. Remove from the game after use.
Character: Tien
Quote: I might just be a pot-hole to you, but I'm going to be a deep pot-hole!
Saga: Cell
Standard Rating: 2.69 (based on 11 reviews) 
Tuff Enuff: 3.55 (based on 3 reviews)
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Tien fanatics were literally drooling over Cell Saga to see what new Tien named cards were to be released. Unfortunetly, only one new card was out, and it had that nasty "Remove from the game after use" effect on it. Some were unhappy. Some were brewing new deck ideas in their head. Taking a second look at this card, it can deal massive damage in the right situations. In an Orange deck, it's automatically 3 lifecards of damage. 

With Aura Drill out, that's a possible 5 life. I tend to see Android 18 Black pack 3 of these suckers with 3 Android Attack Drill for a freakin' 3 times energy attack doing 9 lifecards of damage each. It's weak to start out with, but getting some + lifecards of damage drills on it increases its viability. Just make sure you have cards that raise your power stages after this card drains you out.

Standard = 3/5
Tuff Enuff = 3.5/5


I love Tien's TriBeam... but many don't understand what its for. Its for ally decks... ALLY DECKS. Its not bad in a deck that has lots of pluses from drills or something, but its still best in ALLY DECKS. Gotta get your MP's stages down, yes? So, to sum up... ALLY DECKS. Final Rating: 3/5


You look at this card and think, "6 life for 6 stages, what's the big deal?" The big deal lies between the lines. You can use this, heavily modified, to deliver 3 big hits which help Orange style's draw disadvantage. 

Or, you can use it, with a card like Cell's Arena, to do moderate damage while lowering your Main Personality closer and closer to zero to use your allies. In a straight-forward beatdown deck, this card does not work very well, since you really have to lay it on thick right off the bat to catch your opponent off guard. Plus, without a lot of power stages, you might not even be able to fully use this card's potential. I know this card will do big things in future sets, but right now there are much more powerful energy attacks, and much more efficient means of lowering yourself to 0. 

Rating: 2 of 5


Tien's Tri-Beam
Rareness: 3 star

Ugh. That's the first thing I thought when I saw this card. It can be really good... if u have the power stages to use it like u can. It can be played 3 times in a row... but it costs 2 power stages each time... however, throw in a Black Energy Stamina Drill and u can have fun with this one... >_<

Final rating: 3 out of 5


Tiens Tri-beam, a great card, especially for tien orange decks, with his drawing cards, and his good PUR it's well worth putting in. it's a really good card, great for any orange deck really.

regular play - 3/5
tuff enuff - 4/5


This is one of my favorite cards from CS... 3 energy attacks in 1 card? amazing idea! if you look at the net life card damage/cost, you get basically a 6/6 energy attack.. and while thats not particularly interesting.. the good part is it being broken into 3. This means that a) you can get rid of defence shields/blocks in opponents hands faster, and more importantly, b) you get bonuses for energy attacks in triplicate. let me focus on that for a second.. a +1 bonus to energy attacks becomes a +3.. a +2 bonus becomes a +6... and a +3 bonus becomes +9... thats amazing, and easily achievable, with things like orange mastery and krillin's drill.... 

the only drawback about it is that you still have to pay 6 stages, but that can be curbed by orange mastery or by focusing. To top it off, its a tien card, meaning you get to use it for tien's flight.. which is a nasty enough combo in itself, so its a staple in a tien deck.

As for tuff enuff, since it gives tien decks a boost, thats great for tuff enuff, since tien decks are often more effective when they only have to worry about survival victory.

Standard: 4/5
Tuff Enuff: 4.5/5

Brian Valdez
Tien's Tri-beam is one of those cards that has the potential to be very good, but requires the deck to be built around it. Mainly through the use of drills and such players manage to pump it up to 4,6, and even 8 life cards of damage for each hit. This can add up extremely fast if you manage to catch your opponent off guard. The problem is that nobody really hits attacks anymore. Unless the opponent is confrontationed/staredowned or halted or even a combination of these. Then again, there is the whole draining factor of the card, but any good energy deck should have the power level management needed to run this card. Tien's Tri-Beam is a good card and will be seen in some Orange and Black decks as well as some guest appearances in other types of decks. Rating - 3/5

Aik Tongtharadol
A base of 6 life cards for 6 power stages. That's not exactly the best ratio, and it's removed from game after use. Definetly not a card to base your deck on, although it can become fairly powerful with the right combination. But regarding the bang for the buck, there are numerous other cards that could easily take the place of this one. It does however allow you to control the combat to some extent, so it's not entirely bad. Just another Tien card to throw in your Tien decks. :-/

Standard: 1.6/5.0
Tuff Enuff: 2.0/5.0

Trunks the Swordsman Tien's Tri-Beam - Cell Saga - 3.0

By itself its bad. It only does 2 life cards of damage. Costs 2 power stage each time you use it. But there are ways to get around that. If you're an android add in android attack drills to add +2 life cards for each drill. Playing with the orange mastery can make it cost 1 less power stage. And orange aura drill to make it +2 more life cards. You can turn this weak attack into a hard hitting energy attack 3 times with the right stuff.

A Score Guy

Tien's Tri Beam

This card's aight, it's not the greatest thing out there but it so goes in that evil Tien's Flight deck. I can also see this card in ally decks because it helps you get to o or one stage above 0 really, really fast. What else can we say about it?

hmmmm..... oh yeah!! and it also takes care of those pesky defense shields. Try it out in Orange and Black, it might work better than yall think >_^

2 out of 5
Will Mimbs Tiens Tri Beam Cell Saga Energy Combat This card can have it's ups and downs. First of all, it's three energy attacks in one card. This can be very useful sometimes. The down is that each enrgy attack only does 2 life cards yet they cost 2 power stages each. Using this card with the Orange Style Mastery (Trunks Saga), each one will only cost one power stage or do three life cards.

Standard Play: 2/5
Tuff Enuff: 3.7/5

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