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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Runaway - Cell Saga

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Run Away
Card Number: 125
Card Type: Combat
Rareness: 5
Power: Remove one Battleground in play from the game. You may search your Life Deck for any Battleground and place it in play to replace it.
Pojo's Rating - 2.21 (based on 7 reviews)

Reviewed February 11, 2002


A Score Guy

This card could have been really good, I still think it's ok but after all the different rulings on it, I'm afraid players won't touch it because they simply won't know how to play the card. This card was a solid 2 before the errata because players could use it instead of locations and Battlegrounds but now it's simply bad. This card can only affect battlegrounds and Blasted Land is a lot better when it comes to dealing with battle grounds >8)

1 out of 5
Jesse Zeller
Now that the new ruling for Run Away is in place, my opinions have shifted on this once, very good card, to mediocre.  If you haven't heard, there has to be a battleground in play.  Bah.  Sure it's always good for removing nasty battlegrounds but it's just not worth it.
Rating = 2/5
Brian Valdez This is one card that has lost power rapidly due to ruling changes. It used to be that you could use this card when there was no battleground in play, but the latest ruling is there must be a battleground in play. This makes the card very situational. I'm not a fan of situational cards, but what makes this card so bad is that situational cards should have a power that is well above the power of less situational cards. It can be great for battleground removal, but it acts as a cheap version of Land in Pain. So if you can't get hold of Land in Pain and you have trouble with strong battlegrounds such as City in Turmoil, this is where to look. So in a nutshell, Run Away is a "poorman's" alternative to Land in Pain. 

Rating = 1.5/5

Aik Tongtharadol "Remove one Battleground in play from the game. You may search your Life Deck for any Battleground and place it in play to replace it."
*This card has been errata'd so that it cannot be used if there are no 
Battlegrounds in play.

Removing an opposing Battleground can be good, and in the instance that you have different Battlegrounds in your deck, this card could be fairly 
effective. If you have no Battlegrounds or Locations this card could be for 
you. Getting rid of CIT or Dying Planet can help turn a game in your favor, but since it is a Combat card it can still be sphered. Secondly, it only removes Battlegrounds and not Locations, so its value against certain decks will be small to none. Thirdly, Land in Pain or other cards may very well be a better substitute in some decks. Overall the card is mainly 
situational, so I'd have to give it an average rating.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

Not quite a staple, but almost.  This card is sheer greatness, but especially concerning City in Turmoil.  Whether you want to abuse CIT or just get rid of it, Run Away is for you.  I rate it 4.5 out of 5 because its not useful in every deck.

DBM This card is super-versatile.  Since you can search out a battleground at anytime, replace a battleground or location, or even just remove one from play.  I think it's great that you can get around City in Turmoil since it's a Combat card.  Plus, you don't have to skip your phase, which could be vital in getting that final clinch win.  Its vulnerability to Trunks Energy Sphere, and its uselessness in sealed does reduce the rating, but other than that, it's a great constructed card.  

3 out of 5

Kaioshin17 What can I say about this card? For starters, it ainít that great. A lot of people donít even play with battlegrounds or locations, and when they do, they usually donít have more in their decks. At least where I come from. So that fact renders this card pretty useless cuz u canít replace that nasty battleground with anything else if u donít have it. 

And those that would use this card, canít even understand how to with the different rulings that have come out for it. I think that someone couldíve made a better card with the time they spent on this thingÖ.  Final Rating: 0.5 out of 5

Hawk Wow. that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this card. This card will probably get the most use of any Cell Saga card. Discarding a battleground, and getting to your own into play if you want?!! 

Goodbye City in Turmoil.

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