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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Orange Style Mastery - Cell Saga

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Orange Style Mastery
Card Number: 140
Rareness: 5
Power: All of your energy attacks do +1 life card of damage. If you perform a successful energy attack with an Orange Style card, your opponent can't play a Physical Combat card during his next "Attacker Attacks!" phase.
Character: Krillin
Saga: Cell
Rating: 2.69 (based on 9 reviews)
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy

The new Orange Mastery... *takes a deep breath*  I like it more than the old one but I still don't think it's that amazing. My rating on masteryes is usually low cuz they tell you what deck to play and your opponent knows what you're gona try to do the second you sit down. I personally like to surprise my opponents with the random stuff I like to use. This mastery can create a lock down but players don't know how to build a Orange deck with out drills so I don't think it'll be played that much o.0

2.5 out of 5


I sure wish that all the masteries could have lived up to what Blue Mastery got in the Cell Saga. Unfortunetly, I was dissapointed when I saw what Orange Style Mastery did. At first glance, the ability of your opponent not playing a Physical Combat card in their next attack phase looks good, but Orange already had many cards that stopped multiple physical attacks. With Cell's Arena being a popular choice nowadays for many Orange energy decks, most Orange Style energy attacks would cost 3 stages each. On average, that's only 3 energy attacks per combat. O_o The -1 power stage on the Trunks Saga Mastery really helps out with the extra cost on Cell's Arena. 

Rating: 1.5 of 5

Brian Valdez

From Cell Saga on, whenever a new Mastery is released, it's only going to be natural to compare all the masteries of a particular style.  CS 

Orange Mastery gives Orange better  control over physical based decks and will be a major help to orange deck which can't defend well against aggressive physical attack bumrushes.  With that being said, sure novice Orange players will be given a big boost, but the veteran Orange players already have consistent strategies against heavy physical decks such as Saiyan.  I always find the ability to pay 1 less stage more efficient with MPs that don't have great powerlevel management such as 18 and Vinegar.  Not the worst mastery, but certainly not the best.

Aik Tongtharadol

At first glance, you would think this card is amazing.  +1 life to all your energies, not only ones done by your Main Personality, and if it's an Orange Style attack, your opponent can't play a Physical Combat card in his phase....but, in essence if you do manage to hit them with an Orange Style energy attack, they can still play Energy Combat cards, use Non-Combat cards, or other things.  If you could manage to hit them every phase with an Orange Energy then this might be worth it, but compared to the old mastery I think this one has a little less play value.  This currently may be one of the least used of the Cell Saga masteries, along with the new Black.  2.5/5.0


Orange Style Mastery (CS 140)

I applaud this mastery, as it presents an interesting alternative to the old one.  Of all the new masteries, this one is perhaps most similar to its Trunks Saga counterpart, but is superior in its anti-physical capacity.  I rate it a 3.75 out of 5.


Orange Style Mastery
CS 140

Mastery : All of your energy attacks do +1 life card of damage.  If you perform a successful energy attack with an Orange style card, your opponent can’t play a Physical Combat card during his next “Attacker Attacks!” phase. 

Eh, this card might look great on the surface, but it has a couple of points that I’d like to address.  First off, your energy attacks now cost full, rather than -1 back in Trunks Saga.  While this sounds minimal, Orange Kamehameha’s and Orange Stare Down’s now cost 2 instead of 1...which really adds up in power drain.  Plus, good Orange decks should be able to contain Physical Attacks as it is, making the second ability of this card pretty nominal.  While I like the support for the Orange philosophy of “We Hate Physical Attacks”, I feel that this card was not even needed.

Rating : 1 of 5


Orange Style Mastery

Well, I have to say, this one isn’t much better than the last one.

Orange style masteries can help u kick butt in energy decks, and I think they’re both good.  However, this new one has some advantages that the old one didn’t.  For example, it’s better against physical decks if u have a lot of orange energy attacks and other ways to power up ur MP.  It can do an extra life card with every energy attack and stop ur opponent from making any physical attacks if u get lucky.  The old mastery lets u do one extra life card or pay one less power stage, or if it’s an orange energy attack, u get to do both.  However, it doesn’t let u drive ur opponent mad by refusing him his precious physicals.  I like this new mastery, it’s one of my favorites.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Still the zest of the TS mastery with the addition of damage, but with a twist.  No long do you have the -1 stage, but now if you perform a successful energy attack, they cant perform a physical, that's great for against those Saiyan decks.   I'd definitely think carefully before choosing between, that -1 stage could be a lifesaver.  3/5

Trunks the Swordsman

Rating: 2.75 - Orange Style Mastery (CS)

Not a bad mastery. All your energy attacks do +1 life card of damage and if it is successful and was an orange style energy attack your opponent cant play any PHYSICAL COMBAT cards during his attacker attacks! phase. This mastery is okay but i still perfer Trunks Saga's Orange Style Mastery. Anyway this mastery can really hurt saiyan decks mostly since most saiyan decks play alot of physical attacks. Its a nice mastery overall but if you build your orange deck the right way. Physical attacks shouldn't be a problem at all and you can stick to using Trunks Sagas Orange Style Mastery.

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