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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Orange Haulting Drill - Cell Saga

Image from

Card Number: 147
Card Type: Non-Combat
Rareness: 5
Power: All successful physical attacks performed against you do a maximum of 3 power stages of damage. Limit 1 per deck.
Saga: Cell
Rating: 3.94 (based on 8 reviews)
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy

This is a great drill, it's not as yummy as Quicknes drill but it's up there. This card might be miss spelled and all but I still like it a lot *hands Score guy a dictonary >_^*  can't believezz how peoplezz can not speel or uses proper gramar ^_^  anywayzz I like this card alot and think it's almost a must in every deck that doesn't use non-orange drills, but then again this is just the opinion of some guy o_0

4 out of 5


This should have been Orange Style Mastery ^_^. While this drill is in play, all physical attacks that do power stages of damage are converted to 3 power stages of damage. This Drill is especially effective against Cell Saiyan decks which focus primarily on power stages of damage and not 'physical energy' attacks (physical attacks doing lifecards of damage). This card would have gotten a higher rating provided it converted ALL physical attacks to 3 stages of damage, but since it has no effect on 'physical energy' attacks and it's limit 1 per deck, I give it a 3.

Rating: 3 of 5

Brian Valdez

This is a card I was glad to see in Cell Saga, as a veteran Orange player, I know the goods when I see them.  Having one powerstage to work with can sometimes mean the difference between the W or the unsightly L on your score sheet.  With the TS Orange Mastery, it becomes alot easier to get a Jolting Slash off against a Saiyan deck.  It also makes you alot less of a risk against the huge hands that a Saiyan deck gets right after a Truce.  Orange Haulting Drill is a great card, but not exactly something you would put in every Orange or Colorless deck.

Rating 3/5

Aik Tongtharadol

Physicals only do a max of 3 stages?  Very nice....and since it only take up one card in your deck, this is a must for most Orange decks, especially if you run drills and use Orange Searching Maneuver.  Especially against Saiyan and new Red beatdown decks, this card can very well win you the game if you can manage to keep it out.  The negatives of this can only have one in your deck! :)  Aside from that, physical attacks that do life cards will still do the same amount of life card damage.  The pros outweigh the cons though, making this card quite useful in the tournament environment.  

Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0


This is obviously one of the true great cards of the set.  It is in good company with Destruction, Lifting, and Focusing Drills.  Only something as powerful as this drill could keep Orange on a par with the amazingness of Blue.  I rate it 5.


Non-Combat : All successful physical attacks performed against you do a maximum of 3 power stages of damage.  Limit 1 per deck.

This card is pretty good.  It really puts a damper on red and black physical decks, which donít get as much draw power as Saiyan.  Unfortunately, this card has no control over life card damage, so you might just be better off pulling an Orange Off-Balancing Drill with your Searching Maneuver.  If you have lots of power up and combat ending, this card can seriously pay off, but if youíre the kind of player who likes long games with a few successful attacks (on your end), youíll be better off with physical blocks.  Even try a mix, for some added security. 

Rating : 3 of 5


I HATE THIS DRILL!!!!  Not because itís badÖ itís too good.  If u ever go up against a heavy physical bombardment, make sure to put this card in ur deckÖ three of them.  With this baby on the table, u canít be touched by strong physical attacks cuz it reduces the damage to only 3 power stagesÖ

thatís rightÖ THREE!!!  Donít u just hate it when u do a Black Overpowering Attack with every modifying drill out there and the Trunks Saga Black Style mastery, and ur opponentís at zero, with u at full, just to find out that he has Orange Haulting Drill in play?!  Believe me, itís happened to me, and thatís why I hate this card!! *runs off to find some one who will trade it*

Final Rating:  5 out of 5


NO Review Today

Trunks the Swordsman

Rating: 4.50 - Orange Haulting Drill

When i first saw this drill I tossed it into my deck right away. All successful physical attacks do a maximum of 3 power stages. Thats just great. Be aware that if the physical attack did life card base damage it is converted into 3 power stages. This drill keeps saiyan and red decks in check and keeps you pow



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