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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Capsule Corp Power Pack 2


Reviewed December 29, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Tuesday-Unpredictable

The only card in existance with Uub on the image :-o...(so far
:p)....anywayz..this card is pretty good, especially in a physical
Orange/Black/Red beatdown deck, cuz usually one of the top 5 cards of one of these decks is a pretty powerful physical attack, then, you can place it in your hand, reorganize the others in the order you want..MWAHA!...this loses some power in standard, cuz you aren't performing as many attacks here..

Standard: 2.5
Tuff Enuff:3.1 (mainly becuz it's only good for certain kinds of decks)
AlterEgo Tuesday - Unpredictable

This card not only lets you rearrange the top 4/5 cards of your life deck, but it also gives you a free physical attack!  It's like Android 18 levle 1's power, but worse!  Unpredictable can come in handy though, you can get a physical attack, and maybe move all of the endurance cards on top of your life deck or something like that.  In standard, and TE, this card gets:

*Score* - 3/5

Chibi Unpredictable

This card might see a little play in the right type of deck. It'll help to thin out you deck a bit. On top of that, you get to pick of the five which Physical Combat card you want, whether it be attack, block, or
other. I played this in my Tapkar Turbo-Backlash at one time. Goku could also use this to get those Goku's Physical Attacks.

In Standard, use it to thin out your deck. 2.5/5

In Tuff Enuff, this card can get you that multi-attack card thus helping the overkill; or this card can get you that needed block.
Tim Batow
Unpredictable is a nice new card that has found a home in all my Cosmic
Backlash and some combo based decks. The ability to pick and choose any physical attack card is great, and the ability to set up the top of the life deck is nice for Bardock Lv.1, Champion Drill, Tiens Jolting Aura, and
whatnot. While this card probably doesn’t deserve room in a normal 85 card deck, It works great with Speed Backlash. Not only can you fetch a Backlash or Red Sheilded Strike, you can set a Krillins Solar Flare or other essential card on the top of the deck to draw with Trunks Thinking or
Krillins Search. While this card has many possibilities and combos, few are worth mentioning, if you plan on building a Backlash deck though, picking up a set of these wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Standard 2.5/5

Tuff Enuff 3/5

- Thanks, Tim Batow

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