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Long Journey



Reviewed December 20, 2002


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Long Journey - IR Promo

Man i wish i had this card for my deck. Non-Combat card. Play during your noncombat step. Search your Life Deck for up to 3 Drills and place them into your hand. You must skip the Combat Step for your next 2 turns. Now thats just perfect for orange decks. what better way to start? You pull this first turn and grab orange focusing, cogd, etc. Its simply great for orange decks. Much like releasing the sword. Another IR promo. If you can get this card from the many Irwin toys out there and have an orange deck toss it in there obviously ;/ In other decks it kinda sucks but it still gets out those Cogds, vegeta's quickness drill, 20s absorbing drill, etc.. So its not considered a staple but it is a very good promo.

Rating 4.0

Chibi Long Journey

This is a very good card. It would have been even
better before West Kai Sensei. The best applications
for this are obviously Orange and Dragon Ball. You
can search out Orange Focusing Drill and two other
Drills of your choice. The skipping Combat can hurt,
but not really that much. Cause late in the game, you
wouldn't use this card; and early in the game you'd be
still setting up.

In Standard, Drill setup can be lethal if done right.

In Tuff Enuff, Drills are less useful. Plus it
wouldn't be fun to get AYTE??? right after you used
this card.
Tim Batow Long Journey

It’s a very nice card, and a would have been a staple for all those 18
Orange/Blue DBalls around Nationals last year if it was released by then.  Not only is this card used during the non-combat step to thin out your deck, it searches out three juicy drills. Although being forced to skip combat wont hurt a EDBall deck, it can possibly hurt a Dende Ball deck as they tend to rely on Gokus Dragonball Quest. However, the sacrifice is far and few when compared to the benefits.

Long Journey is a card that should be in every non-odd Dragonball deck out there, and in some Orange Beatdown/Dball hybrids. However, Dragonball decks are almost non-existent right now, so this card wont see much play in the current environment. Nonetheless, expect this card to make a big appearance in the future. If you ever find a Toy with one of these babies at your local Walmart, grab it, its definitely a card putting in your collection.

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